Going Backwards – A Lament

“Seems like this whole region is going backwards”, said a friend to MB a few days back. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Intricate


Church of the Holy Saviour at Chora, Istanbul. Visitors view the famous intricate ceilings frescos.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

For MBs HX blog followers who are not native English speakers (& for a few who are) the word ‘Ephemeral’ means short-lived or temporary or brief. Capiche! Read More

A Week Of Women – Day Nr 5

MB spent much of 2012 & 2013 in Saudi Arabia. He lived in a small hotel across the street from the Imam University. He often met the young Imams who would come in to have a coffee and study their religious books and notes before exams. MB spoke to many of them and was often invited or encouraged to join the religion of the ‘final word of God’. Most were grim people for whom smiling seemed forbidden. The Saudi version of their religion considers many things forbidden. Things that most people the world over take for granted. Like music and singing. Like the mixing of male and female. Like photography. Even smiling it seemed. It often struck MB that the Saudi Imams lacked a soul.

September 2009 and MB was on duty at the skittles stall at the local village fair back home. A friend of MB appeared with one of her colleagues and partook in the skittles competition (an old Irish game involving knocking over some timber pegs with larger timber logs). If you look closely at the pic you will see a silver cross hanging from her neck. And you might guess that maybe this friend of MB is a religious nun. Bingo. Correct. She is a member of the FCJ Order (the Faithful Companions Od Jesus) who ran the local village school over the years. Sister V has taught in the school and lived locally for most of her life. She is a great supporter of local events. Likes to smile. And as you can see from the pic she has soul. I wish some of those Saudis could get to meet her!


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

MB was too busy this week to post anything on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day – 17th March. So here follows a brief history of Patrick’s life and the connection of Patrick to MB’s HX locality. Read More

Limerick – The Redemptorists

The Roman Catholic Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (known as the Redemptorists) has operated in Limerick since 1854 and their impressive Church was completed in 1862 at the cost of GBP 17,000. The church is built in the Gothic style and is known as Mount St Alphonsus Church. It was designed by an English Architect called Thomas Hardwick, who also designed the nearby St John’s Cathedral.  Read More

Museum Of Islamic Art (Inside) – Doha, Qatar

MB is presently in Doha. Read More

But At The End Of The Day (Eid Al Adha)

I’d rather be a Muslim than a goat

Yes I would

If I only could

I surely would

(From the song ‘El Condor Pasa‘ by Simon & Garfunkel – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pey29CLID3I – if you want to take a listen)

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Sudan – Sufis

MB is not a Sufi. Read More

I’m A Believer

Yes indeedee. MB is a believer. Read More

The Reek

Have you ever climbed The Reek?
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I Read The News Today. Oh Boy.

MB read the news today. Same as he does every other day. Makes for sad & disturbing reading out these parts.  Read More

Summer Solstice Morning

21 June 2014. Sunrise. Circa 5am. Grange Stone Circle. Limerick. South West Ireland.

The Gods gifted a clear sky and the the sun rose. A heavenly experience.

See also previous post.

A picture paints a thousand words. So MB gives you thirty six thousand words. So to speak.
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Photo 1 of 30: Faith

The Idea 
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a challenge to MB in the comment box below – with your own word or phrase, as coming up with 30 ideas on his own will totally fry MB’s brain!

Photo 1/30
Being the weekend that’s in it, and seeing the thousands of Christians who took part in Good Friday (Easter) services yesterday here in Dubai in the Muslim Middle East (with camera in hand!), Photo Nr 1/30 is called FAITH. Thousands queued up after the 2 & half hour GF service to kiss the cross.

From the courtyard of St Francis Of Assisi Church, Jebel Ali, Dubai. 18 April 2014.


Happy Easter!