A Lebanese Wedding – Faces & Fashion

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A Lebanese Wedding – Music 2

More Lebanese moves!

A Lebanese Wedding – The Food

The Food. OMG. The Food.

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A Lebanese Wedding – Music 1

The Lebanese like to dance!

A Lebanese Wedding – Arrival at the Party

The wedding party venue was formerly know as Nahr El Kalb (as mentioned in a post of yesterday), but it’s now called ‘The Legend Venue’. It sits in a valley of the river Kalb (The Dog River) and is only a few hundred meters from Lebanon’s Coastal Highway, not far from the town of Jounieh.

MB captured some shots on his arrival to give followers a flavour:



Weekly Photo Challenge – Ambience


Most of MB’s recent posts relate to his end December Lebanese wedding experience. And for this week’s photo theme of ‘ambience’, he, of course, needs look no further that the wedding party venue of said wedding. The venue was previously called Nahr El Kalb in Arabic (meaning ‘The Dog River’), but is now called the less mystical ‘The Legend Venue’. It sits in a spectacular small river valley setting, and has a very spectacular entrance lobby which leads visitors into the spectacular dining hall area when any Irish guy attending blurts out WOW! Ambience!!! Read More

A Lebanese Wedding – Inside the church

MB has already given followers two deadly previous posts on his Lebanese wedding experience: A Lebanese Wedding and A Lebanese Wedding – Outside the Church. He now gives followers post Nr 3 – Inside the Church. Read More

A Lebanese Wedding – Outside the church

MB has already informed followers of his adventure to Lebanon just before new year for A Lebanese Wedding. The Lebanese public has gone totally bonkers over the story of MB’s trip, and the number of hits on his wedding post is now rivalling Adele’s numbers on YouTube. Seriously!

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Orthodox Christmas Day

Today, 07 January 2017, is Christmas Day for Orthodox Christians. There are many in the Middle East. Happy Christmas to all.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Names


Alida Margaretha Bosshardt (8 June 1913 – 25 June 2007), better known as Major Bosshardt, was a well-known officer in The Salvation Army who was famous for her work with prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District over many years. One of the bridges over the canals in the district is dedicated to her memory to this day.

Recent early morning photo by MB, who was there for photo reasons, rather than any other!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Resilient


The Monastery of Our Lady of Balamand – If something is standing for almost 1,000 years then it’s pretty safe to describe it as resilient. See MB’s previous post of today for more on Balamand Monastery.



A Lebanese Wedding

If you want to go to a real wedding dear HX followers, MB suggests that you make friends with some younger Lebanese people and get yourself invited to one of their awesomely spectacular weddings! Read More

Let there be music

Unknown to most in MB’s homeland is the fact that in the majority land area of the Middle East, music is forbidden. In the local lingo, it’s haram. Allegedly, according to those of such beliefs, it’s not God’s will that people should sing or play or listen to music. Read More

Qatar National Day

Today, 18 December, is National Day in Qatar and it’s a public holiday. We can describe it, for the benefit and explanation of HX non-Arab followers, as a sort of Islamic/Arab St Patrick’s Day. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Anticipation


MB has mentioned his recent trip to Amsterdam with daughter MB2 in recent posts. And he now does so again.

On afternoon Nr 1 of the trip, MB & MB2 went on an organised food walking tour of the central canal district. One of the food venues visited was a shop called Van Stepele Koekmakerij – which makes and sells only a single type of (totally delicious) cookie. It is a dark chocolate biscuit cookie, served warm, with melted white chocolate on the inside. According to our lady food guide, the shop is owned by a Dutch lady who previously lived abroad. On her return to Holland/Amsterdam, she spent nine months perfecting the best cookie in the universe, before she opened the cookie shop. Despite pleas from some to expand the range, she has refused to do so. And no matter what time of day one visits the shop, there is a queue of punters out the door to buy the delicious cookie.

As both MB and MB2 are total chocoholics, it became a ritual in the following days to revisit the cookie shop for the daily fix. The ‘anticipation’ each day was palpable, as visits to museums and other sights were indulged in, for the only reason that it’s what’s expected when on a short visit to an historic city. But the real purpose of the day was only fulfilled when the two travelers felt the taste of the melting dark biscuit and warm white chocolate in the mouth, to loud sounds of “mmmmmmmm………….”.

MB just checked online and found a blog post dedicated to said shop – http://www.jadescapades.com/van-stepele-koekmakerij-amsterdam/ 

(Thanks and acknowledgment to Jadescapes blog for the above link).