Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

For MBs HX blog followers who are not native English speakers (& for a few who are) the word ‘Ephemeral’ means short-lived or temporary or brief. Capiche!


Earlier today MB visited the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, Istanbul, which is one of the most famous Byzantine style churches in the world. It is also (famously) home to some of the most historically & architecturally significant frescos and mosaics in existence. MB will give you all some Chora Church pics in a following blog. MB building up the anticipation for future post!

But apart from all the cultural/historical/religious stuff/guff, there is a very relaxing open air cafe right in front of the church with a few large trees growing in the grounds where birds nest & sing.

And apart from the nature & birdie stuff, the cafe sells a seriously brilliant & delicious Istanbul desert called Tralee-Che. It is called after the County Kerry town of Tralee in South West Ireland (where some of the ingredients come from) & Che Guevara, the famous Irish/Spanish/Argentinian revolutionary (who allegedly loved it). Naa – just joking – the last sentence was just a big MB joke lads – MB up to his old playful tricks & mind-games again. MB has no clue what the Istanbul desert is called after and he couldn’t care less. His only interest in said desert today was to wolf it down in double quick time as it was just too tasty for words.

Ephemeral. Short-lived. Fleeting. Momentary. Brief. Oh so brief. That was exactly the story of MB’s desert today at Chora.

Pic of MB’s desert & cup of Turkish coffee in the grounds of Chora Church.


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