Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Capitals

Thanks to Viveka for the Capital challenge. There was MB, wandering around the streets of Budapest, when he happened across an Irish pub. To enter or not; that was the question. There are not many cities, capital or otherwise, that are not hosts to one or more Irish pubs. MB remembers spending some time in Berlin a few short years after the wall came…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Find Something Red

Thanks to Patti for this week’s Red challenge. MB offers an Arab Dhow on Doha’s corniche:

MB, Bill Gates & Andrew Yang

Question guys: What do the following well-known world characters have in common? MB Bill Gates Andrew Yang We haven’t a clue MB. OK lads. Your ignorance is wholly understandable. As you’re all probably not yet up to speed with today’s announcement that blogger-of-world-renown MB has endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic Party nomination for next President Of The United States (POTUS). MB actually featured…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge -Leading Lines

Thanks to Tina for this week’s Leading Lines challenge. Tina’s photos are visible here and are really worth a visit. MB’s offering includes the leading line of the Doha Corniche sea wall, leading the eye to the Doha West Bay district in the background.

Windows with a view

Windows with a view. Thanks to Amy for the ‘windows’ challenge. MB offers an original MB Monet-type effort for this week’s challenge. MB kids you not. On second thoughts, describing MB’s composition as ‘Monet-like’ is not to do it the huge justice it so thoroughly deserves. Minimalist, yet not. Textured, yet not. A window, yet not. Blurry, yet not (that’s where Mr Claude Monet…

Dawn & Dusk

Greetings to all and Happy Christmas & New Year from MB. To wrap up 2019, MB has decided to give you all an English essay from 18-year-old  (as she was then) daughter of MB, namely MB2. MB2 wrote the following essay during the pressure-cooker days of her final secondary school exams of June 2019. Proud dad got hold of a copy yesterday and took…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – On Display

Thanks to Amy for this week’s ‘On Display‘ challenge. MB has selected one of his aerial display shots from his Doha Corniche early-morning walk on Friday last.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Abstract

Thanks to PA for the Abstract challenge. Voila – MB’s offering: On first impressions, the above small section of a vaulted church ceiling seems abstract in appearance. On closer inspection, one sees the remains of religious murals, mostly long disappeared by the vigors and passage of time. MB took the above shot in July 2019 during a visit to the Selexyz Dominican Bookstore in…

Friday Musings

Been a while since MB wrote about anything other than cheery weekend thoughts and photo challenges. Day-1 of the Middle East weekend is now upon MB and he is sipping coffee in a Doha coffee shop, having just wolfed back a warm chocolate tart. All, generally speaking, is good with the world. A short trip to the UK is imminent (of which more anon),…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Creepy

Thanks to Anne Christine for this week’s Creepy challenge. If you go down to the woods today, You better not go alone…… Just joking guys!