Museum Of Islamic Art (Inside) – Doha, Qatar

MB is presently in Doha.

One of Qatar’s major tourist attractions is the Museum Of Islamic Art. An incredible building designed by I. M. Pei (check him out on

The building is so impressive in terms of its ultra modern design that it overwhelms the museum contents, in the humble opinion of MB. For additional info –,_Doha

From a photography point of view, the exhibition areas are dark, so a bit of a challenge. But MB gave it a shot:

IMG_8664 IMG_8667 IMG_8668 IMG_8670 IMG_8671 IMG_8679 IMG_8684 IMG_8685 IMG_8688 IMG_8693 IMG_8698 IMG_8699 IMG_8709 IMG_8720 IMG_8729 IMG_8741 IMG_8747 IMG_8749 IMG_8759 IMG_8762 IMG_8772 IMG_8773 IMG_8775 IMG_8786 IMG_8787 IMG_8799 IMG_8801 IMG_8806 IMG_8707 IMG_8813 IMG_8676 IMG_8677 IMG_8735 IMG_8704 IMG_8816 IMG_8710 IMG_8675

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