Bahrain is only a stone’s throw from Qatar. In days past, it was a twenty-five-minute flight away, but due to certain political shenanigans in 2017, it’s now a circuitous two-flight journey, which consumes a goodly part of the travel days to and from. So an initial flight from Doha to Dubai, and an onward flight to Manama, the capital city, was how MB ended up in Bahrain in mid-February.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Creativity

Thanks to Amy for the Creativity challenge.

Do you know the story of the Peppered Moth dear followers?

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Collage


Back in the HX heartland, there’s a cultural museum on the HX/Meanus road called the Old Irish Ways Museum. It includes a large collection of agricultural implements and multiple other mementoes from an older Ireland; the Ireland of our parents and grandparents. The contents were gathered over many years with huge dedication and effort by HX local Dennis O’Connor who travelled the length & breadth of Ireland in his quest. Many acquisitions needed repair and renovation, and as can be seen from the end result, it was very obviously a large labour of love on the part of DOC. If ever you get to visit HX, then do not miss the Old Irish Ways Museum.

Every room and exhibit within provide a spectacular visual collage for the visitor.



Moscow – Armoury Chamber Museum

The Kremlin complex contains a hugely fascinating museum called the Armoury Chamber, which is in operation since 1851. It is full of religious, political and military historical artefacts from over a 1,000 year period, and is one of the most interesting cultural venues that MB has ever visited. The piece de resistance is a glass case that contains 6 or 7 Faberge Eggs. 00MB must inform followers that photography is not allowed within the Armoury, but followers are also well aware how much respect MB generally gives to that particular rule when he is on his travels. During the course of MB’s visit, he received four “final warnings” from Kremlin security staff. They really were giving MB a hard time, unaware, obviously, that MB’s efforts were solely in the interests of furthering international peace and harmony.

The security staff were obviously watching the Faberge case like hungry hawks. So trying to get off a decent shot or two with the camera proved, sadly, impossible. To raise the camera to one’s eye, depress the button 50% to lock the autofocus, and continue to execute the shot as per normal procedure, would certainly have seen MB ensconced in the nearby and infamous (just around the corner) Lubyanka Prison.

In hindsight, MB is a tad sorry he wasn’t willing to suffer a spell of incarceration in order to get a few decent egg shots, but there was no guarantee that the KGB prison lads would have respected MB’s camera memory card, or even the camera itself. Two rushed shots, whilst hiding behind some Spanish tourists, produced a couple horribly out-of-focus shots that MB is far from proud of, but gives them to you below nevertheless.

Herewith, MB’s shots, at much personal risk, from his Armoury visit:


International Women’s Day – Minus 6 Days

MB is going to run a series of daily posts leading up to International Woman’s Day on 08 March.

So for IWD minus 6, MB gives followers a shot of a famous Andy Warhol painting of Marilyn Monroe – taken on his visit to Amsterdam in early November 2016.




Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

For MBs HX blog followers who are not native English speakers (& for a few who are) the word ‘Ephemeral’ means short-lived or temporary or brief. Capiche! Read More