Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

From MB’s Sudani trip of two weeks back. On the outskirts of Khartoum:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

The Challenge this week – to link two photos that ‘speak’ to each other. Tricky!  Anyway here goes. From MB’s Sudan trip last week – Two Western ladies, wearing fashionable designer labels, meet a dreadlock-haired Sufi Muslim man in Khartoum. Moments later the Sufi man is dancing with fellow Sufis, all wearing cloths that date back a thousand years, and some!

Sudan – Henna Party

MB arrived at Khartoum airport in dark of night.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

MB was in Sudan in recent days to attend a wedding ceremony. MB received his henna hand tattoo two days before the party to ensure he was fully prepared to enter the fray!