Weekly Photo Challenge – Transmogrify


“To change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

MB will not post anything strange or grotesque, but will instead focus on the ‘transform’ element of this weeks challenge.

Our local churches back home at Grange & Patrickswell are almost exclusively used for daytime and daylight activities throughout the year. Living in a very rural location there is no great, or hardly any, need for the opening of the churches after dark, save an occasional evening funeral service.

But at Christmas time each year the churches host Christmas carol services, or midnight masses which are actually on at approx 8pm (an Irish midnight!).

Anyway, it’s interesting to see them in their transformed Christmas state.

Grange Church


Patrickswell Church



Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol


This weeks pic from MB indicates a holy well in MB’s HX homeland called St Patrick’s Well, the small cross over the small door symbolic of the holy water within. The well also gives its name to the immediate locality and nearby church.

Interestingly, the local people in years past did not refer to the water as ‘holy’ water, but rather by a old Gaelic word called ‘dineacht’ meaning ‘protection’. MB scooped a mouthful of the water into his mouth a few weeks back when he was home, so he is now fully protected again!


Happy St Patrick’s Day!

MB was too busy this week to post anything on the occasion of St Patrick’s Day – 17th March. So here follows a brief history of Patrick’s life and the connection of Patrick to MB’s HX locality. Read More