Weekly Photo Challenge – Transformation


MB has selected a shot from his HX lake from December 2012. The day was dark and wintery. But as MB watched the dull skyline, the sun managed to find a porthole through the dark grey clouds and transform the entire scene.


Summer Solstice 2017

On the morning of 21 June, two days from now, people will gather at the Grange Stone Circle in MB’s HX homeland to celebrate the arrival of the solstice sunrise. Alas, MB will not be present. But he will be thinking of them and of his previous visits on Solstice morning in recent years.

Good luck to all who will attend. Wishing for a cloudless sky.

Waiting for the sunrise. An MB shot from 21 June 2014:

Version 2

Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine


‘I was blinded by the light’ – Manfred Mann

Earlier this year, MB was trying to get a shot of the trees behind the visitor center at the lake back home. It was early morningĀ and some rain had fallen during the night. The rain clouds had disappeared before dawn and the sun arose to a clear sky.

But on looking towards the trees, MB was completely blinded by the sun’s reflection off something very bright lying on the ground a few meters forward. MB had to shift his position somewhat to see that the sun was actually shining off a rain puddle, that was a leftover from the night before. Made an interesting addition to the shot.



Mid Summers Eve/Summer Solstice

Good luck to all who will travel to the Grange Stone Circle tomorrow morning – before sunrise – back in MB’s Irish HX homeland. And well done to those who attended this morning – the actual true Solstice morning of 2016, today 20 June being the longest (daylight) day of the 2016 year. Read More

Summer Solstice Morning

21 June 2014. Sunrise. Circa 5am. Grange Stone Circle. Limerick. South West Ireland.

The Gods gifted a clear sky and the the sun rose. A heavenly experience.

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A picture paints a thousand words. So MB gives you thirty six thousand words. So to speak.
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A land of too much sun

My name is Arith. I come from Kerla in southern India. Read More

Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 10 – Rainbow over Bruff RFC

Rainbow over Bruff Rugby Club this morning. Lots of Leprechauns about!


Photo Of The Day (10) – World Energy Day