Of Fire and Ice

A number of recent-day world and other events seem intertwined with the life of MB. Read More

Limerick – The Redemptorists

The Roman Catholic Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (known as the Redemptorists) has operated in Limerick since 1854 and their impressive Church was completed in 1862 at the cost of GBP 17,000. The church is built in the Gothic style and is known as Mount St Alphonsus Church. It was designed by an English Architect called Thomas Hardwick, who also designed the nearby St John’s Cathedral.  Read More

Ireland Photos Of The Day Nr 9 – The baptism of baby Ava

Baptism of baby Ava M, age 7 weeks, at Bruff Church on 28 December 2013.

Holy water & the oil of Chrism.



Ireland Photos Of The Day 5 – Christmas Eve Midnight Mass

Patrickswell Church, HX, Limerick. 24 December 2013.

Prayers for Syria, Gaza & Sudan. And the story from the Great War (WW1) of the football match of 1915 on the Western Front between the Germans & the Allied forces. Cigarettes & wine shared, family photos shown, hymns sung. 3-2 football victory to the Germans, allegedly. And hours later the slaughter started again.



Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 3 – Christmas Carol Service

Grange Church: Christmas carol service. 22 December 2013.