Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Reflections

Thanks to guest blogger Miriam for her Reflections challenge this week. Readers can view her post HERE and a little bit about Miriam herself and her Showers of Blessings blog site HERE. A very active lady for sure. Read More

It’s the weekend

Hopefully, you won’t need any of these!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

This week’s challenge isĀ Change.

If you have ever traveled to Ireland you will know there is just no predicting the daily weather. Any of those 365 days per year can throw up any type of weather suddenly and without the slightest warning. And change dramatically again moments later.

Took this shot of the HX skyline last week when the opportunity appeared for a few moments. Moments later it was gone.

There were many occasions of sunshine & showers in the first days of MB’s trip. And when the sun appeared the rainbows painted their spectacular colours all over the damp grey skies.

This one is worth double-clicking on for a closer look!



Ireland Trip – Photos of the Day

MB traveled to his HX homeland last week and posted a random ‘Photo of the Day’ on his Fb page each day. Six in total. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

Morning has broken. December 2012.

“Find beauty in something broken” said Cheri in this week’s photo challenge.

The first days of any trips back to Ireland are always a special treat. The somewhat boring sandy scenery of the Middle East gives way to the ever-changing weather and incredible scenery (even in winter) of Ireland’s south west. Morning Nr. 1 for MB often involves a pre-dawn rise from sleep and a walk along ‘our’ road with camera in hand. 21 December 2012 was one such morning and had great red skies. Was photo heaven. MB took this one, and many similar, 200m from his front door on that particular morning. No enhancement. Exactly as shot.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 10 – Rainbow over Bruff RFC

Rainbow over Bruff Rugby Club this morning. Lots of Leprechauns about!