Foto Friday – Fish

Ajman is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Friday fish market is worth a visit. The fishermen land their catches in the afternoon and the fish market traders of the adjacent market buy what they want by public auction fresh off the harbour floor.


The Sunday Shot

MB has stacks of pics in his photo library. So for next few months MB will scatter some of those pics around his blog posts. Time doesn’t permit much story writing at the moment so the pics will just have to do until circumstances permit otherwise.

The is a large bird market area in age Souq Waif in Doha, Qatar. Whatever about the rights and wrongs of such a place, it’s a very interesting part of the souq.


A bird in the hand……….

Souk Waqif – Bird Market

The bird market at Souk Waqif in Doha would not suit Western sensibilities. But the Arabs love it. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring


Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Sharjah animal market, November 2011. Eid holiday weekend.


Photo Of The Day (8) – Traders

Fruit & veg traders at Kilmallock Mart, Limerick, South West Ireland.


Photo Of The Day (4) – Quack quack!

At Kilmallock Mart, South West Ireland