Lens-artists Challenge – Unexpected


Thanks to AC for this week’s challenge.

As MB came around a bend in the road back in HX at Christmas, he met an unexpected sight:


Leprechauns & Rainbows

On the London Metal Exchange today, as MB types this post, gold is trading at approximately USD 1,264 per Fine Troy Ounce (FTO). For those few HX followers who are not regular gold traders, one FTO is approximately equal to 31 grammes. That conversion rate is very germane to the amazing story that MB is about to tell, so please keep it foremost in your brains. In the frontal lobe perhaps, MB would most respectfully suggest.

Two days back, a mere one day after MB had dismounted his camel on arrival in the Irish HX region, having travelled overland (a-lá the Three Wise Men) from the dusty Arabian Gulf, MB came within a hairsbreadth of possessing a very large pot of the yellow stuff. Think Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. And were it not for a skullduggerous Leprechaun and the illest of ill winds, MB might well have landed a king’s ransom worth of glittering, shiny, USD 1,264/FTO solid gold.

Those who have previously succeeded where MB just now failed have informed MB that a pot of gold weighs in at some 50KG. Or 1,613 FTO. Or USD 2M.

But allow MB to explain a little more……………… Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

This week’s challenge is Change.

If you have ever traveled to Ireland you will know there is just no predicting the daily weather. Any of those 365 days per year can throw up any type of weather suddenly and without the slightest warning. And change dramatically again moments later.

Took this shot of the HX skyline last week when the opportunity appeared for a few moments. Moments later it was gone.

There were many occasions of sunshine & showers in the first days of MB’s trip. And when the sun appeared the rainbows painted their spectacular colours all over the damp grey skies.

This one is worth double-clicking on for a closer look!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Roy G. Biv

The colours of the rainbow.

Or Roy G. Biv as is sometimes used by school kids to remember the colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. Or as MB used to recite – Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain, as he once memorised many years ago.

Anyway, MB is only concentrating on one of the 7 colours for the photo challenge – Green – having just spent the last week in his very green homeland.

There’s a song written by Johnny Cash in 1959 on a visit to Ireland called Forty Shades of Green. Sums it up to some degree:

I close my eyes and picture the emerald of the sea
from the fishing boats at Dingle to the shores at Donaghdee
I miss the River Shannon and the folks at Skibbereen
the moorlands and meadows and their Forty Shades of Green

MB gives you 3 pics from his trip home last week in his HX homeland to also give you a flavour:



Version 2 IMG_4135

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Bruff Rugby Club

Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 10 – Rainbow over Bruff RFC

Rainbow over Bruff Rugby Club this morning. Lots of Leprechauns about!