It’s the weekend

Climb a tree!

In August 2014 MB found himself in Sudan, compliments of a wedding invitation he received from a young Sudani friend. MB took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. Sudani friends organised for MB to visit an area called Soba with his camera, just outside the capital city, Khartoum. 

It was the middle of the day when MB arrived with his Sudani friends. Most of the Soba male inhabitants were missing, having travelled to the city in early-morning to sell vegetables or bottled water in markets and street corners.

By Westerns (or many other) standards, Soba is extremely poor, with the inhabitants living a subsistence-level lifestyle. The houses people live in are not far removed from the houses their sheep and goats live in. But regardless of the relative poverty, most inhabitants that MB encountered had a smile on their faces, especially the children.

MB caught the kids in his below pic at their favourite tree.

So this weekend, MB suggests that you go climb a tree, if you can.

And be damn grateful for the hand of cards that life has dealt you.

IMG_6681 copy

It’s the weekend

Birdwatching anyone?

But who’s watching who?


It’s the weekend

Take a train ride!


It’s the weekend

How about a dance?


It’s the weekend

How about some ghost hunting?


It’s the weekend

Go plant some flowers!


It’s the weekend

Do something a little mad!

This kid is oblivious to the adults behind him, who are just about to enter St Pauls Cathedral in Mdina, Malta, for a wedding ceremony. MB snapped the carefree kid during his May 2019 trip.



It’s the weekend

Anyone for a cool beverage?


It’s the weekend

Go hug a tree. Or at least go take a photo of one!

DSC03545 (1)

It’s the weekend

What about a bit of caving?


It’s the weekend

Hopefully, you won’t need any of these!



It’s the weekend

Matka River Canyon, North Macedonia.


It’s the weekend

Paint a painting. Or sing a song. Go for it!



It’s the weekend

If you happen to be in Budapest this weekend, you could take a stroll along the banks of the Danube on the Pest side of the river and gaze at Buda Castle on the opposite bank.

Just a suggestion!


It’s the weekend

Take a stroll.

The Corniche area of Doha is the main drag for an evening stroll. The ‘corniche’ word is French in origin and in the Arab world means the roadway along any seafront. In other regions, it has different meanings.

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