Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Shadows & Reflections in Monochrome

Patti has set this weeks challenge and her post can be viewed HERE

MB found himself in recent days in The Kingdom of Bahrain, an island state in the Arabian Gulf, a mere stones throw from Qatar. It’s linked to Saudi Arabia by a long bridge/causway.

In days past, there were direct flights between MB’s home base of Qatar and Bahrain, being only a short 25-minute flight away. However, there are currently no direct flights, which necessitates a flight from Doha to nearby Dubai and then an onwards flight to Manama, the capital city of Bahrain.

There are a number of tourist attractions in Bahrain, one of which is a visit to the Grand Mosque where visitors can take a guided tour during which the guide will explain the basics of Islam, very similar to the Open Doors – Open Minds programme at Jumairah Mosque in Dubai which MB also did a number of years back.

As the guide was explaining the direction of Mecca etc to the group, MB’s attention was caught by an interesting shadow on the mosque carpet floor, resulting from the sun-shade trellis structure fixed on the external face of the window. MB momentarily departed the group to capture the shot.

Voila – MB’s entry to this week’s LCPH:

Photo 2 of 30: The Busker

The Idea 
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 2/30
Met this guy last week. Making music on the 15 minute Bosphorus ferry crossing from European Istanbul to Asian Istanbul.



Black & White

Steaming fish and worker at the fish ovens, Ajman Fish Market, UAE.


Kids & Car

Sri Lanka. August 2013.

Monday Mono – Ajman Fish Market, UAE


Man Smoking


Monday Mono – Al Hamra St, Beirut.


Monday Mono – Knockainey Hill

Knockainey Hill, South West Ireland


Monday Mono – Bacon Photography


Monday Mono – My Father


Monday Mono – New Church

New Church (In Gaelic – Teampall Nua)
There is an old church ruin called ‘New Church’ (or ‘Teampall Nua’ in the Irish Gaelic language) back in HX, next to Lough Gur lake (check out loughgur.com).

Teampall Nua was built in 1679 and replaced an older chapel which was used by the local Earls of Desmond. It is still referred to as New Church (or by its Gaelic name) to this day. It was endowed with a chalice and patten which bear the inscription:

The guift of the Right Honourable Rachel Countess Dowager of Bath to her chappel att Loughgur in the Kingdom of Ireland Anno Domini 1679” 

The famous Irish poet/harpist Thomas O’ Connellan, who died in 1698 in nearby Bourchiers Castle, is buried here in an unmarked grave, as is Owen Bresnan (1847-1912), local poet and historian.


Monday Mono – Syria

One day late!

Thanks to The Oatmeal



Monday Mono: Tough Day

Tough DayMar

Monday Mono: Buick 8

Happened across a Bollywood movie being shot in Colombo, Sri Lanka few weeks back. Great street action, and many old cars & vans. The ‘Buick 8’ from 1947 (according to the driver) was the pick of the bunch: