Foto Friday – Fish

Ajman is one of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Friday fish market is worth a visit. The fishermen land their catches in the afternoon and the fish market traders of the adjacent market buy what they want by public auction fresh off the harbour floor.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners


Fishermen unload their catch at Ajman Fish Market, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Late Friday afternoons provide a great spectacle at the Ajman docks as thousands of fish are landed and laid out on the concrete paving by species and size. Traders from the adjacent market then bid for their requirements by an open auction process. Retailers, hoteliers, restauranteurs, or members of the general public like MB, are then able to buy the fish in the air-conditioned market as they wish, and a team of workers is on hand to gut and clean the fish if you require. There is also a small shop at the end of the market, run by a Syrian gentleman named Mr Hussam, who will cook the fish for buyers by smothering in his secret (& delicious) sauce/spice/herb mix and wrapping in tin foil, before popping into theĀ flame oven.

If you ever get to visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi and have a few hours to kill, MB highly recommends a visit. And if photography is a hobby, then so much the better. FYI – Ajman is one of the seven Emirates of the UAE.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Symmetry


Ajman Fish Market – UAE (Ajman is one of the 7 Emirates of the UAE)
The fishing boats (generally manned by fishermen from the state of Gujarat in India) unload their catches onto Ajman quay every Saturday afternoon and lay them out symmetrically in terms of size & species. The fish traders from the adjoining market then bid for lots through an auction processĀ as the auctioneer with his microphone walks through all the lines of fish one by one.

Lots of symmetry in this one. The buildings behind. The roofs of the boats. And the fish. Lots of fish!


ME Culture (6)

Ajman Fisk Market, UAE.

The majority of the fishermen come from India, from the state of Gujarat. The market takes place every Saturday afternoon and is a huge spectacle.
The fish are sorted on the boat decks upon arrival at the port into baskets of similar type fish and then laid out on the yard for the traders to inspect & purchase by public auction. The public buyers have a choice to get the fish cleaned and gutted by a team of men in green plastic coats in the market building, and also to have the fish cooked in a small fish cooking shop that makes its own spice mixes to suit the fish taste.













Black & White

Steaming fish and worker at the fish ovens, Ajman Fish Market, UAE.


Monday Mono – Ajman Fish Market, UAE