Happy St Patrick’s Day

In Qatar, it’s already St Patrick’s Day as it’s 30 mins past midnight. In Ireland, there’s still a few hours to go.

Best wishes from MB to all on the occasion of the Irish National Holiday, which is also celebrated to a greater or lesser degree in most countries around the globe.

MB has avoided pics of churches and such like in making his celebratory selection. Instead, he has just selected a few shots from his HX homeland from October 2013. The occasion was a charity horse ride around the local lake. MB’s Arab friends, in particular, like to see some greenery!

Happy St Patricks Day to one & all.


Ireland Trip Photos

MB was back amongst his own two weeks back and was shooting anything that moved. He gives you some random shots from his HX locality:

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Trip Home – The End!

MB is well & truly done with the trip home photos after this one. Read More

Mid Week Meme



HX – Animals

The cattle in Ireland look happier than Arabs in the Middle East!

So said an Arab work colleague of MB in recent days, on looking at a few of MB’s photos. Read More

Not Easy

In Europe people take freedom of travel for granted. Want to go to France? Of Holland? Or Germany? No problem. Go online or pop into any travel agency in your local town or city and buy a flight ticket. Jump on the plane and off you go. Arrive, flash your EU Passport briefly to the Immigration official, and head on out to the open streets. Easy peasy.

With similar language, religion and culture for the most parts, one might think that the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region is tailor made for freedom of travel and open access to work. But for historical, political, security and other reasons it’s not. Very not.  Read More

Photo 5 of 30: Rider

The Idea 
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 5/30
Rider at Lough Gur horse ride October 2013



Assalamu alaikum to all

MB is a tad tight for time this week and will be for next four weeks. Family & friends arriving to MB’s desert encampment. So MB presently busy sweeping sand from magic carpets, picking dates, baking bread on hot stones, giving water to the camel herd, erecting guest tents, digging wells, and other such desert pursuits in preparation for the arrival of the Westerner infidels.

First camel train arrives tonight and MB is whisking his guests away to the Bosphorus on Sunday – a stretch of water crossed by two bridges that divides Europe and Asia. MB will try to take shot with one foot in each continent, to reflect his life overall in his current scenario. Many sites to be seen and MB’s camera will be flat to the boards. Expect the usual foto fest upon MB’s return. MB promises you all some truly visual awesomness.

And if you have never previously seen the Bosphorus from outer space – here’s what it looks like:


The land on the left is Europe. The land on the right is Asia. The blue sea on top is the Black Sea, and the blue sea on the bottom is called the Sea of Marmara, which is connected to the Aegean Sea (by another Strait called the Dardanelles). The city that is visible on both sides of the Bosphorus is Istanbul. The Bosphorus is also known as the Istanbul Straits.

Note 1 – No other Blog provides Geography lessons as an aside to the main event (kudos to the HX Report!)

Note 2 – the above photo was not taken from outer space by MB. It was taken by a satellite. Or more probably, by a camera that is affixed to a satellite.

So MB will not launch into any stories or engage you all in any banter this week. He will however give you all some photos to stop your moaning.

When MB was visiting Dubai a few months back on one of his monthly visa runs from KSA, he went early morning to an equestrian centre where he took some shots. Click, click, click went MB, and the below are some of the results. The guys who run the place and some of those who keep their horses there are competitive show jumping riders and take part in weekly competitions throughout the UAE. Hope you like.

So until next weekend Crossers, when MB will inform you of his trip amongst the Ottomans.

Have a nice weekend.



IMG_1511Mar |

































Dubai World Cup – 2 of 2

30 Pics:
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Photo Of The Day (7) – Two Horses & Five Cattle


Take Break

Greetings lads.
MB bit subdued tonight. Been long tiring week. Thank God it’s over and weekend is upon us. MB needs break. Thank God it’s Thursday, as we never say back home.

Enchanting HX & the enchanted lake. With pin marker on the football pitches.
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Quick Wits & Dimwits

Greetings to all HX Dimwits
Greetings from the Middle East lads where it’s hot and steamy. Hot as in hell. And steamy as in humid. With a capital ‘H’. MB was in Dubai few days back and couldn’t see diddly squat when he went outside as his glasses kept fogging up. With steamy humidity, not fog. MB would trip over some kerbs or cats in the car park as made his way to the car, and would then wait for the AC to clear the steam. Clear glasses = safer driving. And you just can’t be too safe out these parts. Read More

Trip Home: Photo of the day (5) – Invaders

Invading walkers pass by under watchful gaze of two ‘locals’. Lough Gur, Ireland. 21 June 2013.