It’s the weekend

There are worse ways to spend a weekend than relaxing in a field in HX.


Foto Friday – Mother’s Milk


Foto Friday – Cattle & Cable

Yet another incredible awe-inspiring shot from the photo library of MB, wherein the juxtaposition and combination of cattle and cable causes one to reflect on the intricacies of life and the universe.

What a pile of shit you speak MB. Sorry dear followers, MB got a tad carried away with his Foto Friday intro!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Against the odds

Against the odds.

What are the odds of having 9 cows approach you in a field in HXland and all individually lining up in perfect formation for the shot. A billion-to-one MB imagines. Ok, maybe a little less, but the odds were small for sure. To be a photo critic for a moment – the shot is only spoilt to some small degree by another cow lurking behind cow Nr 3 from the right. There’s always that one cow……..!

Anyway, here is MB’s effort for this week’s photo challenge: ‘Against the odds’ –


Weekly Photo Challenge – Quest

Quest (noun): A long or arduous search for something.

For MB & daughter MB2 earlier this week, the quest involved a search to locate the various food outlets at the Irish National Ploughing Championships, and avail of the tasty free sample handouts. The 100,000 other attendees on that day each also had their own quests to pursue.

The NPS is Europes largest outdoor exhibition with over 1,700 exhibitors displaying, publicising and selling everything under the sun. Almost 300,000 people visited NPS over the 3 days from 20 to 22 September 2016.

So MB suggests you add the Irish NPS to your bucket list. Even if no interest in ploughing (MB never saw any!) or farming, the NPS is a spectacle on a grand scale that can be enjoyed by all.


National Ploughing Championship, Tullamore, Ireland. 20 September 2016.

HX – Animals

The cattle in Ireland look happier than Arabs in the Middle East!

So said an Arab work colleague of MB in recent days, on looking at a few of MB’s photos. Read More

A Week Of Women – Day Nr 3

Traveled to Nepal in 2012. Spent an entire day trekking through the hills in an area called Nagarkot, about a one hour drive from the capital city Kathmandu. During that day and on other occasions on other days, MB witnessed the females doing most of the manual labour in the fields. Where heavy work was concerned, men were practically invisible. Maybe because many of the men go to the capital to find work. Or emigrate to the construction sites of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar, as MB has noticed in recent months, is wash with Nepalese men working on the sites. But not sure really.


Irish Cattle – They ‘moo’ with a brogue!

From MB’s trip back home in early September. Shots are mainly from MB’s Dad’s farm. Read More

Ireland Photo Of The Day Nr 2 – Cattle Grazing

Early morning at HX

Early morn

Photo Of The Day (7) – Two Horses & Five Cattle


Photo Of The Day (5) – Cattle


Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

The Corcass plain, Grange, South West Ireland