Quick Wits & Dimwits

Greetings to all HX Dimwits
Greetings from the Middle East lads where it’s hot and steamy. Hot as in hell. And steamy as in humid. With a capital ‘H’. MB was in Dubai few days back and couldn’t see diddly squat when he went outside as his glasses kept fogging up. With steamy humidity, not fog. MB would trip over some kerbs or cats in the car park as made his way to the car, and would then wait for the AC to clear the steam. Clear glasses = safer driving. And you just can’t be too safe out these parts.

MB got some nice compliments about last week’s Iftar blog. You remember it lads – the one with the mega awesome food pics of MB’s colleagues eating all the nice food poolside. Some in Westie clothes & some in long white Arabic dishdash. Yes lads, that awesome blog that you read & reread that educated you no end, and said following day to your friends – “Did you read MB’s blog last night?” and they said “Who, what?”. And then you explained and they signed up to become a ‘Follower’. Which explains the huge increase in ‘Follower’ numbers this week lads, as 3 more legends signed up.

It doesn’t really matter that the compliments were from MB’s mother (verbal over a Skype conversation few days back) and from his cousin (in the ‘comment’ box at the bottom, as she is more tech savvy than MB’s mother). It doesn’t really matter where the pats on the back come from in life lads, as long as they come occasionally and are well meant. Like the ones from MB’s mother & his cousin.

But MB wants to tell you about one of his new followers in particular. One of the three from the last week. This guy is a complete dimwit. In fact he is the ‘Captain Of The Dimwits’. His name is CH and he writes a blog called ‘The Dimwit Diary’. Which is one of MB’s favourite reads on the entire WWW.

Pause – If you are reading this CH, MB must explain to you that everyone mentioned in this blog is referred to only by initials. It’s a HX blog rule. To preserve anonymity and avoid detection or even capture by various security services out these parts, and just to keep you safe. And as MB explained above, you just can’t be too safe out these parts.

Unpause. Ok. The Dimwit Diary & CH. The mother of CH (TMOCH) also leaves comments in the comment box, as she is tech savvy and she leaves nice comments about CH & his blog. Many other followers (fellow Dimwits) also leave comments. Sad comments. Mad comments. Bad comments. Lad comments. And numerous hilarious witty comments, whose category does not rhyme with sad, mad, etc. CH works as a location spotter for major movies and is out of work more than he’s in. To save money when he is down on his luck CH lives on tinned peaches. And when the sun shines he is liable to indulge heavily in fine food & even finer whiskey. And cigars. God bless his soul.

CH is also deadly (as we say back in HX) with a camera. “And is he as good as you MB with the photos?” MB can hear you all asking. Well lads, MB is not sure (modesty forbids) but CH has awesome talent with Photoshop and regularly appears in his blog photos dressed in long coat and scarf on a sandy beach standing beside some bikini clad young ladies, or in other equally impressive locations. So even if CH takes the shittiest photo in the history of shitty photos, he can immediately use the Photoshop lasso to turn his photo into something even MB would be proud of. And that’s saying something.

Few days back MB turned on the laptop, (or was it the desktop or the iPad or the smart phone x 2?) and there it was – ‘The Dimwit Diary is now following your blog‘. MB nearly fell off his chair lads. The Captain Of The Dimwits (TCOTD) is now a follower. And will possibly read MB’s blog maybe one in every ten issues (as he is too busy producing 3 or 4 blog efforts per week to MB’s miserly 1 to have time to read the other nine). “So will MB have to up his game” MB can now hear you asking lads. Well not really lads. Am sure CH has become follower due to the general writing awesomeness of MB’s HX blog that already exists. It can hardly be due to the photos MB is thinking. Or could be result of both maybe.

So big welcome to CH (TCOTD) who has taken MB to some great places over recent months with his awesome writing, since MB became a Dimwit. And best wishes with the book writing CH. MB will be at the top of the queue. Great great blog posts CH and MB thrilled to have you aboard the HX train. Go neiri on HX bothar leat – as we say in the Gaelic! Next time you are in Middle East or Ireland, MB is inviting you to sit and shoot the breeze over a beer or two or three, or over some fine whiskeys (you would be in very good company to indulge in the latter CH). The pub in HX would be MB’s preferred venue, and MB will dedicate his first pic this week to TCOTD – CH. The interior of the HX Pub – A study. Just to give you flavour.


Or his latest post to give you all a feel for it:


Big recommend from MB.

MB & Youtube
MB is most pleased to inform you all lads that he made his YouTube debut earlier this week. “A song? A poem? A musical piece?” you are asking lads. No lads, you misunderstand. MB just uploaded a video. Of someone else performing. Music & singing as it happens. And when he got the jist of pressing ‘Upload‘ he uploaded 2 more. Allah u akbar.

To record & honour the occasion lads, MB is giving you all his second upload, which is not as shaky as the other two and is a full song. Rather than a bit of a song, like the others. And given the hard times we are all going through lads, eating tinned peaches an all just to survive the famine & poverty, it’s very appropriate song and song title – Hard Times Come Again No More (aka – Hard Times Fu*k Off or HTFO). It’s song from 1850s America, but this version was sung few weeks back in the now deconsecrated St Johns Protestant Church back home in HX, when MB was on his exhausting ‘Solstice’ trip.

Let us pause in life’s pleasures and count its many tears,
While we all sup sorrow with the poor;
There’s a song that will linger forever in our ears;
Oh hard times come again no more.

Tis the song, the sigh of the weary,
Hard Times, hard times, come again no more
Many days you have lingered around my cabin door;
Oh hard times come again no more.

While we seek mirth and beauty and music light and gay,
There are frail forms fainting at the door;
Though their voices are silent, their pleading looks will say
Oh hard times come again no more………..


This weeks pics
This weeks photos (apart from the HX pub photo) are all photos of horses that MB took when he was back home looking at the solstice sunrise and other stuff. MB was trying to think of theme for this weeks pics when noticed many horses pics in his library. MB already posted some of these pics in recent weeks, and the same horses appear in some of the pics. But what the heck – horse pis are nice and horses like to pose.

HX back home is great place if you like horses. Race horses, show jumpers, hunters, ponies for the kids and God only knows how many more. All the pics are from the HX locality. And zero Photoshopping of horses into nice scenes – unlike certain Dimwits MB knows. HX for nice horses & great pub. It’s all bliss in HX. MB almost feels like singing John Denver’s ‘Take me home country roads’ – but he hates that song. So he won’t!

HX Pub Interior – A Study. Dedicated to CH & The Dimwit Diary. A pub where any dimwit can feel right at home. You will be in very good company CH.

HX Interior

The Horse Pics:




















Have a nice weekend lads.


2 Comments on “Quick Wits & Dimwits

  1. Incredible! I’m talking about the horses and your writing and photography when I say that: Incredible! But also the nice plug you worked up for me. Incredible! Thank you kindly. It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside, of course that could also be the several glasses of wine still wearing off from last night. Either way, I’ll work in a nice plug for you in return. You have a great site! I gotta go eat some toast and drink some coffee. Cheers!


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