Weekly Photo Challenge – Corner


Camels race around the corner at a track in Doha, Qatar – shot from MB’s camel racing excursion of some months back. Note the robot jockeys on the camel’s backs. The robots and their whips are controlled by remote controls in the hands of the owners who follow the camels in 4x4s on roadways outside the track perimeter.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Security


MB is playing catch-up with last weeks photo challenge!

There is security in numbers, it is said. This applies to camels as much as humans, a fact proven by numerous studies throughout the Middle East. There is, for example, no known incident of a male lion attacking a large pack of camels. True!

The below photo, demonstrates the typical herd shape adopted by a camel pack. The roadsign  on the left warns the public that a pack of camels is likely to cross at any time. True!


Foto Friday – Doha

MB is departing the money laundering capital of planet earth (Switzerland) in the coming hours and will arrive in the Doha (Qatar), the ‘richest locals’ capital of planet earth, in the early morning hours.

In case MB’s recent camel pics have given followers the impression that Doha is some quaint one-camel sand-blown dusty outback desert town, it’s not.

This MB phone-shot is from the ‘West Bay’ area of Doha, where many Westies like to live.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio


3 Camels munch some evening food. Dubai. February 2009.