Romania – 7/7 – Dracula

And why, pray tell, did you travel last week to Romania, MB?

Because nothing would do daughter MB2 better than a trip to Transylvania and the dark forested, wild bear-infested Carpathian Mountains, to climb the steps, amidst the dank damp scent of stale human blood, to enter the bowels and entrails of Dracula’s Castle.

And did you enter the castle MB?

Yes. We did.

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The Grange Book

MB returns once more to his home community of Grange. To the history and the scenery and the greenery. A number of his posts of recent weeks have concerned same topic. MB did not explain in previous posts why he was running a series of pieces on his homeland. Apart from the interesting content (really MB?!) of the actual posts, there was another reason. Read More