Weekly Photo Challenge – Against the odds

Against the odds.

What are the odds of having 9 cows approach you in a field in HXland and all individually lining up in perfect formation for the shot. A billion-to-one MB imagines. Ok, maybe a little less, but the odds were small for sure. To be a photo critic for a moment – the shot is only spoilt to some small degree by another cow lurking behind cow Nr 3 from the right. There’s always that one cow……..!

Anyway, here is MB’s effort for this week’s photo challenge: ‘Against the odds’ –


8 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Against the odds

  1. BRAVO!!!! I don’t know what the odds are of having nine very curious cows approach you in the field. But if MB happens to be in that field with a camera, the odds of his nailing the shot are 100%. Nicely done!


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