A Week Of Women – Day Nr 3

Traveled to Nepal in 2012. Spent an entire day trekking through the hills in an area called Nagarkot, about a one hour drive from the capital city Kathmandu. During that day and on other occasions on other days, MB witnessed the females doing most of the manual labour in the fields. Where heavy work was concerned, men were practically invisible. Maybe because many of the men go to the capital to find work. Or emigrate to the construction sites of the Arabian Gulf. Qatar, as MB has noticed in recent months, is wash with Nepalese men working on the sites. But not sure really.


3 Comments on “A Week Of Women – Day Nr 3

  1. Lovely capture Micheal, and interesting story. I found a similar situation in parts of China. In the area where the men used to travel the Silk Road for months at a time, the women took over all of the work at home. The men no longer do the traveling but the women still do the work. It seems to work for them but I cannot imagine it lasting very long over here!


  2. Beautiful picture; it paints a portrait in my head of seeing Van Gogh’s famous work.

    It makes one wonder, how long are families separated by circumstances such as working abroad ? Are they allowed to keep their wages, or must they pay a percentage to someone who has helped to secure them a position?

    Thanks for your posts. Interesting, as always.


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