Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental


In August 2014, MB found himself in Khartoum, Sudan, for a wedding. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge – Rare


It’s not often you will see an elderly Muslim gentleman standing beside a Western lady with a low neck-line. The lady has some Arabic influence however, as she is sporting an intricate henna tattoo on her face & neck, almost like a veil, which must please the Muslim gentleman no end!




A Week Of Women – Day 2

The Henna Lady

MB went to a wedding in Sudan in August 2014. One of the many wedding parties that takes place as part of the overall wedding festival is the Henna party. There are two separate parties in truth – one henna party for the bride & one for the groom. Each party is like a wedding party in itself. Food, music, dancing and loads of family & friends in attendance.

At the end of the night when the music stops and the crowd drifts off, close family members and close friends remain on to receive a decorative henna tattoo on the hand (men) or hand and arm and a lot more elaborate for the ladies. The procedure involves placing some henna oil on the hand. A portion of henna mud is then held in the palm of the closed fist. Oil & strips of henna mud are then dressed over the knuckles as shown in the pic – where MB’s white Irish skin is visible. The lady who did MB’s henna was an aunt of the groom, and a superb job she did. Following day MB had and orange coloured tattoo which turned jet black over the following 48 hours.

Thank you Mrs Henna lady!


Cool Sudan!

Final Sudan shots! Read More

Sudan – Wedding

And so to the wedding…..
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Sudan – Henna Party

MB arrived at Khartoum airport in dark of night. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

MB was in Sudan in recent days to attend a wedding ceremony. MB received his henna hand tattoo two days before the party to ensure he was fully prepared to enter the fray!


Photo 26/30: Henna

The Idea
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 26/30
Henna tattoo. Still fresh. Leaves brown colour when dry. Disappears after one month or so.