Sudan – Wedding

And so to the wedding…..
The wedding day arrived. Sunday. A bright sunny day with a few fluffy clouds floating in the bright Khartoum sky. Both henna parties had taken place in the days previous and now D-Day dawned.

The occasion was not dissimilar in many ways to a traditional Irish wedding. Outdoor wedding day photos at a nice location – a hotel beside the Nile river in this case, and then back to the wedding hall for the food and the dancing. Unlike an Irish wedding, no church, Sudan being a mainly Muslim country and the bride and groom were both of the Islamic faith. The blessing of an Imam is done in private from what MB gathers, as is the signing of the legal marriage state contract.

And most unlike an Irish wedding, no alcohol. But the gaiety and good humour and dancing and music and singing continue nevertheless and the Irish would have very good rivals in all such regards in the Sudanese. And as you might see back home, the ladies young and old are first onto the dance floor, followed by the older men, while many of the younger male late teens or early twenty somethings are just too cool for school and wouldn’t be seen dead on the dance floor. MB jumped right into the middle of them all for most of the evening, camera in hand to record the goings on, and had great crack in so doing. Most of those present probably thought that the Irish ‘khawajah’ was a just a little bit crazy.

And like any wedding in any town, the ladies in particular take the opportunity to get made up and dressed up for the big show up. And just like home, a new outfit is often purchased for the occasion. MB could not help but notice that many of the unmarried younger ladies were treating the occasion as a type of ‘look out’ event. As again might happen at home.

As you will see in the pics that follow, the Sudanese ladies scrub up real well and look particularly fetching. Dresses can vary from very Western to very Islamic. But no black burkas/abayas. The Sudani Islam ladies dress sense is full of colour and style.

MB will never make a fashion or wedding reporter so enough of his blathering.

Best wishes from MB to Ola & Amr, the bride & groom.  Was an honour to receive your invitation. Hope you both like some of MB’s photos from the occasion. Many more on file if you want:

IMG_6119 IMG_6127 IMG_6161 IMG_6190 IMG_6193 IMG_6199 IMG_6204 IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6266 IMG_6269 IMG_6274 IMG_6285 IMG_6292 IMG_6294 IMG_6302 IMG_6307 IMG_6315 IMG_6319 IMG_6322 IMG_6330 IMG_6336 IMG_6380 IMG_6381 IMG_6382 IMG_6383 IMG_6407 IMG_6408 IMG_6440 IMG_6470 IMG_6517 IMG_6524 IMG_6554 IMG_6573 IMG_6577 IMG_6581 IMG_6584-2 IMG_6606 IMG_6617 IMG_6624 IMG_6558

6 Comments on “Sudan – Wedding

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  5. What about (gertig) u forgot to talkbabout our traditional wedding,,,,its done after the wedding in the same day or the day after..where the bride n the groom wear traditional clothes,,,,and a traditional ceremony is done like the indian wedding,,,its important part u didnt mention


    • If you read some of the other blogs from Sudan you will see that I did mention it. I just could not attend the traditional wedding as I had to return to Middle East for work reasons. So maybe you will have to invite me to yours!


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