Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting


If ever you wish to turn water to wine, or you require the secret alchemist recipe to turn mercury to gold, or you wish to turn a simple semicircle to a full circle – just ask MB. He will have the answer.

This incredible semicircle to full circle reflection-shot is taken from MB’s photo cave – one of his Amsterdam trip with daughter MB2 shots in November 2016.

Wicked shot MB. Thanks lads!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Shine


‘I was blinded by the light’ – Manfred Mann

Earlier this year, MB was trying to get a shot of the trees behind the visitor center at the lake back home. It was early morning and some rain had fallen during the night. The rain clouds had disappeared before dawn and the sun arose to a clear sky.

But on looking towards the trees, MB was completely blinded by the sun’s reflection off something very bright lying on the ground a few meters forward. MB had to shift his position somewhat to see that the sun was actually shining off a rain puddle, that was a leftover from the night before. Made an interesting addition to the shot.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites


Solstice morning. 21 June 2014. The calmest morning MB ever witnessed at Lough Gur lake. The water surface was like a mirror. Every reflection was a perfect opposite. MB took many shots. This is one of his favourites:


Lough Gur – A Reflection

MB was looking through his photo albums of the last twelve months. Lots of dodgy shots for sure, and one or two decent ones.  Read More

My Hometown

In Dublin airport. Heading back to Middle East. Read More

Photo 10/30: Reflections

The Idea 
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 10/30
Reflections at the Dubai Fountains