Leprechauns & Rainbows

On the London Metal Exchange today, as MB types this post, gold is trading at approximately USD 1,264 per Fine Troy Ounce (FTO). For those few HX followers who are not regular gold traders, one FTO is approximately equal to 31 grammes. That conversion rate is very germane to the amazing story that MB is about to tell, so please keep it foremost in your brains. In the frontal lobe perhaps, MB would most respectfully suggest.

Two days back, a mere one day after MB had dismounted his camel on arrival in the Irish HX region, having travelled overland (a-lá the Three Wise Men) from the dusty Arabian Gulf, MB came within a hairsbreadth of possessing a very large pot of the yellow stuff. Think Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. And were it not for a skullduggerous Leprechaun and the illest of ill winds, MB might well have landed a king’s ransom worth of glittering, shiny, USD 1,264/FTO solid gold.

Those who have previously succeeded where MB just now failed have informed MB that a pot of gold weighs in at some 50KG. Or 1,613 FTO. Or USD 2M.

But allow MB to explain a little more………………

Two days back MB was driving along the lake road in HX land when he happened across a stunning rainbow. And in HX land, MB rules the roost and Leprechauns know their place in his presence.

But why the mention of Leprechauns MB?

Well, lads, as any Irish man or woman will tell you, there are Irish rules surrounding Leprechauns and rainbows (the ‘Rules’), which can be stated approximately as follows:

  1. During rainbows, for however long they will last, a Leprechaun and his pot of gold will become visible to the solid people, at the right-hand end of the rainbow. Remember; right-hand. If you went to the left-hand end, you would be totally wasting your time.
  2. Upon catching said Leprechaun, if one is quick enough to seize the rainbow moment, the Leprechaun is duty bound to hand over his pot of gold to the catcher.
  3. The catcher goes on the live a life of leisure, luxury and plenty, while the Leprechaun returns to Lepland, to work like a dog and suffer much drudgery over many years. And in due course, if economic conditions are favourable, gain another pot of gold for his slavish efforts.

So knowing the Rules, and upon sight of the above-mentioned rainbow, MB immediately jumped from his car, leaving the engine running, the door open, and the narrow road that runs between the Cross of Lough and central HX totally blocked. When time is of the essence and USD 2M is at stake, one surely doesn’t bother with trivia.

Racing like an Olympic sprinter over the grassy field and small woodland, MB duly reached the correct end of the rainbow, with Leprechaun and pot of gold in full sight.

Greetings Mr MB. How was your trip from Qatar? Pleasant I hope? My name is Patrick Leprechaun BTW.

Had a nice trip, Patrick, thanks. But let us not waste precious time with small talk. You know the Rules Patrick. MB has caught you. Now let’s be having that pot of gold. Nice and lively.

But can you define ‘caught’ MB? I mean, in its deepest sense. I mean, which of us is truly caught? All that glitters is not gold MB? Often have you heard that told MB? Ya?

Come-‘ere-I-want-cha Patrick (MB going totally ‘Limerick’). MB is not interested in listening to some Leprechaun quoting Shakespear to him when the Leprechaun should only be concerned with the Rules. Now quit your bullshit and hand over that 50kg pot to MB. Like a good lad.

And just at that very moment, MB felt the cold wind rise and knew that the broken clouds in the ominous dark sky would shift and the suns rays might immediately disappear. A split second thereafter, a tiger-like and slightly desperate MB launched his solid mass at Patrick. Mid-flight however, a single dark cloud did its dirty deed, the sun disappeared and so did the rainbow. And so did Patrick and his pot of gold. Alas, and very sadly, MB landed face first into a heap of cow manure.

So near and yet so very very far.

However, upon cleaning the cow shit from his Raybans with some rain-wet grass, MB composed himself, gathered his thoughts, and heard the beautiful musical birdsong all about him. Maybe, thought MB, Patrick was correct. Maybe all that glitters is not gold. Maybe the birdsong is all one needs in the end.

But then MB changed his mind. Patrick was just a bullshitting Leprechaun after all. And USD 2M would have made a mighty fine Christmas present from MB to himself. Screw the birdsong!

And the moral of the story is…………………

The end.

The rainbow caught by MB two days back on the Lough Gur Road in HX. Unfortunately for MB, he did not catch the Leprechaun:DSC01495

The left-hand end. Forget about it!DSC01497

The right-hand end. This is where you want to be:DSC01501




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