In June 2017 MB had the good fortune to travel to Moscow and enjoy some of the famous sights that historical city has to offer. MB stayed in the Metropol Hotel very close to Red Square which has an incredible history. The photo gallery on the lift lobby of the first and second floors (as MB can remember) provides a fascinating glimpse of the famous guests that the hotel has hosted for more than one hundred years. As an aside – if you haven’t read the 2016 novel ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ MB strongly encourages you to do so, which is set almost entirely in the Metropol Hotel. A read of reads!

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Peace brothers!

Somebody asked MB today how the whole Paris thing was being viewed out here in the Middle East and was it subject of as much discussion as it is back home? Read More

7 Days Of Doves – Final Day


7 Days Of Doves – Day Nr 6


Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity


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7 Days Of Doves – Day Nr 3


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Who is Malala?

09 October 2012. Swat Valley, Pakistan. Mid afternoon.

A member of the Pakistani Taliban boards a bus and shouts ‘Who is Malala?‘ On identifying the 12 year old girl, he fires three shots from a hand gun. One of the bullets enters her forehead, travels the length of her head, and lodges in her shoulder. Fate, providence, luck, or God, if you believe in a God, decides she will live. If God has intervened, then it isn’t the God of the Taliban. Someone else’s God. Maybe Malala’s God. Or your God. Or mine. Read More

International Day of Non Violence

Beirut, Lebanon. February 2012.


Photo 23/30: Peace

The Idea
Have decided to post a photo per day for 30 days, each based on a word or theme. Feel free to offer a word or theme challenge to MB in the comment box below.

Photo 23/30
Typical Irish baby!