Who is Malala?

09 October 2012. Swat Valley, Pakistan. Mid afternoon.

A member of the Pakistani Taliban boards a bus and shouts ‘Who is Malala?‘ On identifying the 12 year old girl, he fires three shots from a hand gun. One of the bullets enters her forehead, travels the length of her head, and lodges in her shoulder. Fate, providence, luck, or God, if you believe in a God, decides she will live. If God has intervened, then it isn’t the God of the Taliban. Someone else’s God. Maybe Malala’s God. Or your God. Or mine.

MB read an interview with a Pakistani Sheikh & Taliban supporter in 2013, who would not condemn the attempted murder of Malala. His reason, he said, was that it was not fully proven that she had not preached against Islam. If she had preached against Islam then he could never condemn the man who shot her.

Yesterday, 10 October 2014, Malala Yousafzai, who is now seventeen years old, and Kailash Satyarthi, who is sixty, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize — for, in the committee’s words, their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education.”

Today, 11 October 2014, is designated by the UN as International Day Of The Girl Child.

The Economist magazine currently has a feature on young girls from Europe who are traveling to Syria & Iraq to join ISIS. It’s estimated that some 100 girls from France alone have already traveled for such purpose. Decisions made after persuasive words from ‘Islamic’ preachers (so called) or ISIS supporters who talk of charitable work, helping oppressed peoples, and fighting evil. If the girls happen to be Muslim they will hear selective quotes from the holy book, in conflict with everything that the holy book, or any holy book, stands for. It’s estimated (from information received from the parents) that approximately 80% of the 100 girls are atheists. Drawn by the allure of adventure or of finding a purpose in life. Most face a life of hell on earth when they arrive at their destination. Forced marriages and quick pregnancies to keep them in their place as per the requirements or instructions of their new ‘parents’. Or violent death at the hands of opponents.

Many kids in Europe, especially Muslim kids, are now the daily targets of ISIS recruiters through websites or direct contact. And many are listening and believing the false prophets and ISIS kafirs. A persecution complex amongst many young Muslims and major mistakes by Western governments, past & present, is of course not helping matters.

MB’s HX blog often receives ‘hits’ in France or Holland or England, and many other European countries. And from the tags that MB places on many of his posts he is aware that many people who find & read the HX blog are Muslims. So, if you are one of the young people mentioned above and considering life’s path, then MB asks you to consider the following:

  • If you join the jihadis, then you are joining the man who shot Malala.
  • If you join the jihadis, you are joining the Nigerian members of the group called Boko Haram who have and continue to kill teachers in their communities.
  • If you join the jihadis, you are joining the kidnappers of 200 Nigerian school girls earlier this year, most of whom are still missing.
  • If you join the jihadis, then you are joining those who do not believe that girls should receive a proper and full education.
  • If you join the jihadis, then you are joining those who are killing the doctors and nurses who are trying to give out polio vaccines to children in Pakistan. As a result, polio is now rife in the area where the Taliban are preventing vaccination, giving Pakistan amongst the largest number of children suffering from polio in the world.
  • If you join the jihadis, then you are joining those who are against music and art and similar good things that are a blessing for the heart, the mind and the soul.
  • If you join the jihadis, you are joining those who support child marriages to girls who have just reached puberty. In Yemen, 65% of girls marry at age 15 or younger. Yemen has the highest rate of deaths of females through childbirth in the world. Yemen also has a large number of deaths each year from pubescent girls dying of massive bleeding on their ‘wedding‘ night.
  • If you join the jihadis, you are joining the murderers of people who have different religious beliefs than the jihadis. Murder for no other reason. Or of those who have no religious belief. Maybe beliefs similar to your parents or family or friends back home. It is a crying shame and a mockery of their religious beliefs, that some 20 countries today have punishments, including the death sentence, for anyone who converts from Islam to another religion. And these same countries now ask the countries who practice religious tolerance and freedom of religious worship (or none) for help against the jihadis.

MB’s blog has a tiny tiny readership. He can not make any difference to the ways of the world. Other than to speak his mind he is powerless in all respects. But if you get to this stage of this post and you are still reading, then maybe you could repost, or retweet or put up a link or publicise in any way you can. And maybe the many can help in some small way where the one can not.

Allah youhfazak. Long live Malala!


7 Comments on “Who is Malala?

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  2. Giving malala a peace price looks like a joje. Peace price nowadays a given only to trouble makers and those are “agents”.so ignore all like you igonre CNN and BBC…(Biased Broadcasting Corporation) trust on twitter abd face book for the timebeing.All media against her here


    • I can not agree Mr Saleem. If everybody in the world had good education then the world would be better and more peaceful place. This is the message of Malala – for girls education. I am sad that you consider her an ‘agent’. She did not decide to be shot by Jihadi. This was Taliban decision – because they have no tolerance or no respect for people who have different opinion. Her father did not decide to put his life in danger by threats from Jihadis to kill him. I think most reasonable people will be very happy that Malala received the award. Of course, the Jihadis and Taliban and Boko Haram and ISIS and their supporters will not. They will call her agent & trouble maker – and try to kill her – again! But most good reasonable people will be happy with the award, and most reasonable Muslim people already know that they do not want these killers to be their representatives. 300M+ people have read the Muslim twitter #notinmyname Take a look. Salam Mr Salaam.


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