In June 2017 MB had the good fortune to travel to Moscow and enjoy some of the famous sights that historical city has to offer. MB stayed in the Metropol Hotel very close to Red Square which has an incredible history. The photo gallery on the lift lobby of the first and second floors (as MB can remember) provides a fascinating glimpse of the famous guests that the hotel has hosted for more than one hundred years. As an aside – if you haven’t read the 2016 novel ‘Gentleman in Moscow’ MB strongly encourages you to do so, which is set almost entirely in the Metropol Hotel. A read of reads!

Sobornaya Square (or Cathedral Square) in the Kremlin next to Red Square is a sight to behold, dating to the 15th century, and contains three gold-domed cathedrals called Dormition, Archangel, and Annunciation. One can not but be impressed by the history, the surroundings, and the sights.

On the particular June day, as MB strolled around the square, he noticed a group of young army cadets posing for photos with their families, girlfriends, and others on the occasion of their passing-out ceremony. MB stopped to talk to one of the young cadets who was a most impressive young man; respectful, polite, intelligent, good-humored, and very happy to chat with an Irish Gentleman in Moscow! He obviously came from a good family who had instilled much of what’s good in humanity in their young son.

MB does not remember the young cadets’ name and he would be approximately 22 or 23 years old now, MB assumes. MB prays that the young cadet is safe and well at this time, and will remain so.

Russian Army Cadets
A blurry-faced MB shakes hands with the young cadet

2 Comments on “RUSSIA

  1. MB
    I was in Russia in 1988 and again in 2012. Big difference. 1988 was a depressing era. Grey buildings and grey people.
    In 2012 most of the people (who spoke freely) hated Putin, and I’m sure they still do, but can’t say so.
    He is mad.
    The Ukrainian people are slowly being annihilated by this madman.
    My mother comes from Riga (Latvia) so I know what the Russian regime is like……


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