Never Trust A Kenyan

Were you, like MB, a little bemused by all those Kenyans a few weeks back, claiming Barack as one of their own? Claiming him as a Kenyan an’ all.

The entire country of Kenya came out to greet their ‘son’ Barack on the occasion of his visit to a meeting of the African Union. Well let MB tell you something Mr & Mrs Kenyan. Barack is no son of Kenya. In Ireland, there is a well know song which includes the following (true) lines:

From the old Blarney stone to the green hills of Tara
There’s no-one as Irish as Barack O’Bama.

And please note, in case you missed it – it’s not ‘Obama’ – it’s ‘O’Bama

And if you need further proof Mr & Mrs lying Kenyans, read on……………………. Read More

Turkey – Election Colour

Istanbul recently. Was much taken with the colourful flags that political parties hang in the streets throughout their strongholds. Took the following shots on my Samsung phone.  Read More