Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Capitals

Thanks to Viveka for the Capital challenge.

There was MB, wandering around the streets of Budapest, when he happened across an Irish pub.

To enter or not; that was the question.

There are not many cities, capital or otherwise, that are not hosts to one or more Irish pubs. MB remembers spending some time in Berlin a few short years after the wall came down and the city was an ocean of tower cranes as the old went down and the new went up. The city was awash at that time with Irish and UK construction workers, chasing the high salaries that comes with large scale construction activity and scarce human resources.

And when said resources landed in town, the immediate port of call was the Oscar Wilde or the Molly Malone or the James Joyce or some other Irish pub, to make contact with the Irish network. MB saw the same in his days in other abodes. When one seeks ‘working construction’ the Irish Pub is the employment agency of choice for those in the know.

Shot from MB’s wanderings in Budapest:

Buda IP

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Harmony

Thanks to Tina for this week’s Harmony challenge.

MB came across a great group of drummers beating in harmony in Budapest a few weeks back.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Less if More

Thanks to Amy for this weeks Less is More challenge.

MB reverts to his Budapest trip for a shot for this weeks challenge.

The 4m high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary and the child Jesus is one of the better-known statues in the city. Its located on the front wall of the elevated Buda Castle, and is facing the Danube River and Pest side of the city below. The fact that the baby is slightly forward from the mother is supposed to signify the virgin birth, as MB has discovered.

MB’s shot is hopefully of the ‘Less is More’ variety, with the majority of the photo taken up by the blank overcast sky overhead. But overall, it seems to work.


St Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Delicious

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It’s the weekend

If you happen to be in Budapest this weekend, you could take a stroll along the banks of the Danube on the Pest side of the river and gaze at Buda Castle on the opposite bank.

Just a suggestion!