Monday Mono: Tough Day

Tough DayMar

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

From 2007 trip to Australia – somewhere along the Great Ocean Road.

library pics nov 07 - 0618Mar

Sri Lanka – End Of The World

Morning lads,
Greetings from MB in KSA and hope all well your end. Football season just started & HX club doing well, al hamd’allah. All well in the desert.

HX blog follower Young Sudani lad  was complaining to MB during the week that he is bored with Sri Lanka stories, so maybe MB will wrap it up this week. Got to keep the paying customers happy lads, and keep the numbers growing. The public gets what the public wants.
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Tuesday Tickle: Crow life

Crow Comic rev

Monday Mono: Buick 8

Happened across a Bollywood movie being shot in Colombo, Sri Lanka few weeks back. Great street action, and many old cars & vans. The ‘Buick 8’ from 1947 (according to the driver) was the pick of the bunch:







Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

In the Middle East cumin seed (black seed) is sold for its medicinal benefits. You will find black seed honey for sale in many shops and it is considered to provide protection against many ailments. Read More

Sri Lanka – Time for tea

Morning lads
A week of toil under the hot sun of Saudi Arabia is behind MB and he has arrived in Dubai for the weekend. Al hamd’allah. Hope all well your end. Read More

Tuesday Tickle – Colombo


Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Child plays on the beach at Negombo, Sri Lanka. Mid August 2013.


Sri Lanka – Negombo

Morning sleepy heads!
MB is finally recovered from four hectic days travel through Sri Lanka, arriving back in ME last Sunday. Beautiful country. Beautiful people. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Tamil Hindu festival celebration on streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka, yesterday 10th August 2013. Not sure what its about but will find out.

Men are hung from poles (fixed to pickup trucks) via ropes and meat hooks fixed through skin and muscle tissue. Other revellers push and pull them so they swing spectacularly back & forth as the truck drives along.

Shot this from open door of my bus as we passed it on the street.




Greetings to all Crossers
MB is away on break for few days. With limited Internet access and even more limited time at his disposal. So no time for the usual. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Sachenhausen (pronounced ‘Saxenhausen‘) was the nearest concentration camp to Berlin before & during WW2, based in the  Nazi supporting (at that time) region of Oranienburg, approx 1 hour train journey from the city. MB visited in April 2008. Deeply disturbing to do the tour, but recommend to any who might visit Berlin. Unforgettable experience of a ‘not nice but very memorable’ kind. Read More


Morning lads
Major panic last night. Laptop conked out when battery died. MB tried to recharge, but over period of few hours battery just wouldn’t take charge, and normally obedient laptop downright refused to turn on. What to do at time like that?!



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Mary Howard’s Pub)

Mary Howard’s Pub, Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland.

Met Mary at home few weeks ago. She informed MB that she had seen the pic of her pub posted by MB last Christmas. She proudly informed him that she had engaged a colour consultant to chose the colours for the external refurb, prior to arrival of Caroline Kennedy (daughter of JFK) to the village few weeks back in late June (see previous blog posts relating to CK visit).

Anyway, Mary challenged MB to post a ‘Before’ & ‘After’ pic when he got the chance. And when MB saw today’s ‘Photo Challenge’ the conversation with Mary immediately came to mind.

If you are ever around South West Ireland MB strongly urges you to take a trip to Bruff to say hello to Mary who will be serving you behind the bar. According to local Guinness drinkers you are assured of the finest pint of the black stuff on the entire island of Ireland.

Congrats Mary – you have indeed produced a masterpiece!




The lady herself – Mary Howard