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MB’s cousin RO’R is married to Tommy O’Rourke. The live in Dublin, Ireland. RO’R, like MB, is north of 50, to put some context on this reblog from Ed’s Blog.

A few short years back, very suddenly, Tommy lost his sight. Life suddenly went from the normal to the very abnormal. Previously Tommy was a huge fan of live horse racing and the game of golf. The passion obviously remained, but under very different circumstances.

Today, MB received a copy of Ed’s Blog From The Bog (from RO’R – see below) which mentions Tommy and his introduction to the world of blind golf. MB was not previously aware of the blind golf world. But what a great world to discover, particularly in these trying times. And huge well done to all those involved and who give of their time to nurture and foster this world.

Best wishes to Tommy for the future and to super caddy RO’R. Hopefully that hole-in-one near-miss on the Par 3 first might be converted some time in the near future to the real thing!



Reblog of Ed’s Blog, where the debutaubt exploits of Tommy O’Rourke are mentioned:


It’s The Weekend

Ballybunion Beach

Ballybunion village and its adjoining beach are called after the Bunyan family who lived in the castle (in pic) in the early part of the 14th century.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers


MB must mention that this golf ball, lying in the Dubai Emirates GC rough, is not MBs. You would generally find MB’s ball slap bang in the middle of the fairway, minimum 250 yards from the T-box!


Not MB’s golf ball

Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

Express Yourself

For six years the Middle East has been MB’s second home.

Mention of the ME conjures up many things to many people. In the Western world maybe it conjures up negative images for the most part. Understandable MB guesses, given that most news coverage, like most news coverage the world over, focuses of the profane, the obscene, the terrible and the trouble. And of course that’s the awful truth of certain locations in the region. Read More

Splendour Splendour Everywhere

MB loves golf. Read More

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


Love Is In The Air

Morning Crossers
Its 5am on a fresh Friday Riyadh morning. MB fell asleep too early last night and arose before cock-crow. The muezzin is belting out the call to prayer to the Muslim faithful. Those who wish to attend the nearby Mosque have 15 minutes to get there for first prayer of the day. Should they so chose. 99.9% will give this one a skip. But almost all will attend the midday prayer later on. One of the hotel staff has just rolled out a prayer mat in front of MB, and is now on his knees facing Mecca. Doing his duty for the 3 or 4 minutes it takes. Read More

If Carlsberg did Golf Club signs……………


Photo Of The Day (11) – The 9th at Ballyneety

Well done to all the volunteers who have got the course reopened and looking great. Shot from last week’s trip home.