It’s the weekend

Take a stroll.

The Corniche area of Doha is the main drag for an evening stroll. The ‘corniche’ word is French in origin and in the Arab world means the roadway along any seafront. In other regions, it has different meanings.

You never cease to amaze us MB. Is it true that you actually know more than Google?

Probably guys.


If you are lucky enough to visit Doha sometime and manage to take that stroll along the corniche of an evening time, there are many sights to satiate the brain. Here are a few taken tonight on MB’s Huawei phone.

Seriously MB. Are you still using that H phone?

Yes, guys, MB is still shooting like crazy on his H phone. MB saw on the international news today that the H company has now taken a constitutional case against the US Government for their allegedly unjustified knave behaviour against the H company. Rumours that the recent positive publicity afforded to H by MB’s blog site has emboldened them to a level that they can now confidently sue the US Government, or that MB is a backroom adviser to H, can not be confirmed by MB. Or denied.

But back to the photos:

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