Foto Friday – Black & White

MB saw this guy sitting across the street, as MB sipped a beer outside a cafe in Istanbul, March 2015.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny


MB & daughter MB2 attended an exhibition of works by street artist Banksy in Amsterdam last week. Read More

Suicide Bombing – Istanbul – Istiklal St

On a day that has witnessed primitive evil savagery in Brussels at the hands of misguided brainwashed low-intellect individuals, MB wants to mention last week’s attack in Istanbul. Read More

10 Random Shots – May 2015


The War In Syria

Last night MB watched an elderly Syrian lady cross an Istanbul street on her hands and knees as her two children begged for money nearby in the cold Spring night. Her feet are too sore or too diseased to stand upright.

By the end of 2015 Turkey expects to have 1.7M Syrian refugees within its borders who are fleeing the fighting back home, where over a quarter million people are already dead as a result.

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