Weekly Photo Challenge – Tiny


MB & daughter MB2 attended an exhibition of works by street artist Banksy in Amsterdam last week. It was actually a joint exhibition of Banksy & Andy Warhol works. While many of the Warhol works are large pieces, many of the Banksy works are TINY, or minimalist, by comparison. “You are taking the piss MB. You are stretching the theme to its elastic limit this week MB, or past it.” “Ok ok dear followers, MB admits to the stretching, but merely to add you your font of greater knowledge, in a highly intelligent and slightly amusing way. So in that context, the stretching is surely permissible. Mais oui? Read on dear followers.”

So herewith, a well-known minimalist Banksy piece:


But did you also know dear followers, that Amsterdam has its very own ‘Banksy’, who delivers works of art in the dead of night to public places, and the local municipality has the good sense to protect and preserve them.

MB came across one close to the famous Red Light district. The appropriate piece, given the locality, shows the hand of a man on a female breast:


MB confirmed to daughter MB2 that he actually knows the identity of ‘Scarlett Pimpernel’ Banksy. And lo & behold, even though MB was in Amsterdam for only a few short days, he also managed to discern the identity of the Amsterdam ‘Banksy’. MB kids you not. Seriously.

But as followers of the HX Report are well aware from past posts, MB is a keeper of secrets, and he will not reveal what he is told in confidence. He may throw out tantalising clues and a few occasional red herrings, and tease the brains of followers without mercy, but in the end, he is a trusted keeper of secrets that he will take to the grave. Seriously!

PS – Thanks to Banksy & to the Amsterdam ‘Banksy for the above pics. Please don’t send lawyers after ‘good egg’ MB. Thanks in advance Banksy (x2).

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