The War In Syria

Last night MB watched an elderly Syrian lady cross an Istanbul street on her hands and knees as her two children begged for money nearby in the cold Spring night. Her feet are too sore or too diseased to stand upright.

By the end of 2015 Turkey expects to have 1.7M Syrian refugees within its borders who are fleeing the fighting back home, where over a quarter million people are already dead as a result.

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5 Comments on “The War In Syria

  1. There is so much wrong with this. As human beings, compassion and empathy are the hallmarks of our humanity. Granted, I am absolutely clueless as to how hatred and apathy can fester to the point that certain people are not worthy of aid and assistance, and, “Yes, I understand that this region is war torn and in an all time crisis.

    It is easy for me to make my assumptions. I live thousands of miles away, in the enclave of relative safety, but being female, giving birth to a child brings with it a bond with humanity that cannot be shaken. It begs the question, “Would women allow war?”

    So sad. Sad for all that are affected, and yet, sadder that Peace appears so elusive. I refuse to believe that this region harbors more ill-willed than good.


    • I have often considered what would happen if all men in the Middle East were removed from any position of authority and only women allowed to rule. Am sure I know what the outcome would be.

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      • We will never see that day, and I hope you took no offense to my comment. It is sincerely echoed thru the ranks of women in the U.S.

        Carrying a child for nine months, doing everything you can to insure their healthy entrance into the world. Spending the next eighteen years helping them to develop skills for life when, Bam! War.

        Just because they are grown does not mean that they are ready, and as a mother, we are NEVER ready!


      • Thanks for comments CG. In case you lost my drift, I would love to see all the men over here fired from politics for a period. A fantasy of course. But does not stop me wishing.
        The whole Middle East war situation is grotesque and bizarre. Many conspiracy theories by locals to explain away their own stupidity. Easy option. Grown men believing it’s ok to enslave or rape or kill other human beings in their quest for religious purity and religious hegemony. 9 or 10 million Syrians displaced inside or outside their own country. And ladies with damaged feet having to cross streets like 4 legged animals in foreign cities as a result. To name but one. We live in a sad world in many respects.

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      • You are spot on!

        Where else can a person go to work, everyday, and choose to do nothing?

        And where, oh tell me where, can the leader of a nation take the Articles of a Nations Constitution, and simply ignore them or override them? I think of all the men and women who have fought to keep our honor, so that we could live in peace and hopefully aid the peace of other nations.

        Obama had no idea what he was coming into, and therefore, was ill prepared to take over the reign of power. It’s time for term limits, time to kick the lobbyist off the jumpseat of every Congressman/women and hand the country back to it’s people. It’s time for true disclosure, and not that nasty bit of nonsense they call “transparency.” The real leaders of the United States sit behind desks, tallying up their Swiss bank accounts or their golf scores. Corporate America runs this country.

        Just once I would like to pick up a newspaper, or turn on the tv station and hear an unbiased account of the day’s news. Where did the rules, the ethics of journalism go? Why are there no ‘checks and balances?’ Easy….corporate team leaders run the showboat.

        As frustrated and angry as I am, my heart and soul lay steady, believing that we can, and will redeem ourselves. We certainly cannot do so by cronyism, and this strategic game of RISK.


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