Weekly Photo Challenge – H2O

A bunch of people and some elephants messing around in some H2O.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Earth


MB took this shot of the base of a tree in a spice plantation in Goa, India in early 2015. He has no memory of what the tree was called or the spice it produced. Neither does he remember who owns the foot & sandal that also appears in the shot. Sometimes life doesn’t provide all the answers.



Weekly Photo Challenge – (Extra)ordinary


Cherri is asking for unexpected ‘interestingness’ in this week’s PC. MB has selected a shot from trip to Goa, India, in April of this year.

Went for short walk one night and encountered this scene on the street, that all but MB seemed oblivious to. Interestingness with a capital ‘I’ for MB – but not for the locals. The two guys standing next to the cow just sum up how little notice the locals actually take of a cow sitting on their street at night.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Today was a good day

A series of shots from a particularly good day.

MB has chosen some beach shots from April 2015, on a day he walked with family along one of the popular beaches in Goa, India.

He could have chosen many more shots on other days which would just as easily represent some of the things that Goa is famous for – Christian churches, Hindu temples, mad traffic and motorbikes, wandering cows, wild dogs, bars, casinos, tattoo joints, street markets, spice plantations, green forests, waterfalls, rivers, boat trips, numerous wild life species, food, and streets congested with thousands of locals.

But for this week’s challenge he will stick with the beach shots.

IMG_2124 Goa IMG_2087 IMG_2104 IMG_2116 IMG_2125 IMG_2130 IMG_2131

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