Goa – Why to Goa!

The ‘photo analysis’ post of a week or so back attracted some negative comment. Follower TH stated he would not go to Goa having read of the rubbish and the dogs. Follower AQ stated that MB had painted an overly negative image. MB, in his defence, stated that everything he portrayed was the truth. And he did finish that post by stating that the Goa positives outweighed the Goa negatives.

Well, let MB shout it loudly & clearly. Go to Goa! It’s a fascinating place, very safe from all that MB witnessed and a huge amount of things to see & do. Churches, temples, spice plantations, forests, natural wonders, the alternative lifestyle, bars, beaches (miles & miles of beaches), great variety of food to suit all tastes, and great friendly people.

But enough of MB’s blathering. Let the photos do the talking. Might give you  all some  more in a day or two. The following shots are almost entirely unedited. You are getting them in the raw (photo joke for those in the know!). Herewith:

IMG_2618 IMG_2632 IMG_2633 IMG_2645

IMG_2078 IMG_2087 IMG_2116

IMG_2238 IMG_2185IMG_2194

IMG_2236 IMG_2181



IMG_2256 IMG_2270



IMG_2482 IMG_2487 IMG_2495 IMG_2529

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