Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Reflections

Thanks to guest blogger Miriam for her Reflections challenge this week. Readers can view her post HERE and a little bit about Miriam herself and her Showers of Blessings blog site HERE. A very active lady for sure.

There’s always music!

To lift the spirits. And watch in full screen!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Change your perspective

Thanks to Patti of Pilotfish Blogsite for her ‘Perspective’ challenge. Click HERE to view. Well worth doing so.

Hagia Sophia/Ayasofya

In MB’s last post, he challenged followers to identify the church in the pic that he posted. Blogger Tina (Travels & Trifles blog) thought it was the Ayasofya in Istanbul which is top of her bucket list to visit. But she was incorrect! MB encouraged her to go visit, however, as MB has done on a number of occasions. So, to whet Tina’s appetite…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Treasure Hunt

Thanks to Tina for her Treasure Hunt challenge. Click HERE to view Tina’s offerings from her past travels around the globe. Well worth doing so. Some really stunning shots on view.

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Narrow

Thanks to Amy for the narrow challenge. Tuesday just past was the annual Sports Day public holiday in Qatar. MB took a spin out to the company labour accommodation complex with his camera to see what all the Indian and Nepalese workforce were getting up to. The Basketball & Volleyball attracted a lot of participation and interest but it was the tug-o’-war that had…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Find Something Red

Thanks to Patti for this week’s Red challenge. MB offers an Arab Dhow on Doha’s corniche:

MB, Bill Gates & Andrew Yang

Question guys: What do the following well-known world characters have in common? MB Bill Gates Andrew Yang We haven’t a clue MB. OK lads. Your ignorance is wholly understandable. As you’re all probably not yet up to speed with today’s announcement that blogger-of-world-renown MB has endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic Party nomination for next President Of The United States (POTUS). MB actually featured…

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge -Leading Lines

Thanks to Tina for this week’s Leading Lines challenge. Tina’s photos are visible here and are really worth a visit. MB’s offering includes the leading line of the Doha Corniche sea wall, leading the eye to the Doha West Bay district in the background.

Windows with a view

Windows with a view. Thanks to Amy for the ‘windows’ challenge. MB offers an original MB Monet-type effort for this week’s challenge. MB kids you not. On second thoughts, describing MB’s composition as ‘Monet-like’ is not to do it the huge justice it so thoroughly deserves. Minimalist, yet not. Textured, yet not. A window, yet not. Blurry, yet not (that’s where Mr Claude Monet…