It’s the weekend

Anyone for a cool beverage?

It’s the weekend

Go hug a tree. Or at least go take a photo of one!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Taking a break

Tina wants us all to take a break this week. To see her superb photos on the theme, click HERE. What better way to take a break than with some ice cream?! A recent MB capture:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Seascape

Thanks to Amy to the for the Seascapes/Lakeshore challenge. MB accepts!

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Dreamy

Thanks to Anne Christine for this week’s Dreamy challenge. Who could not say that the Blue Danube is not a dreamy piece of music? Nobody! If you happened to be in the Vrijthof Square in Maastricht last week with MB at the André Rieu concert, you just might have had a dreamy waltz in MB’s arms! Warning – As ever, MBs vids are a…

One man & his Stradivarius

The English comedian Tommy Cooper, now long deceased, had a great joke about a Rembrandt & a Stradivarius, which MB may have told you all in the past. If he did, he now tells it to you again. It’s out & out MB’s favourite joke. Man walks into a pawnbroker with a violin and a painting. Good news says the pawnbroker – you have…