Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – The Ordinary

The Lens-Artists ladies have set The Ordinary challenge for MB.

On recent trip to Tbilisi, MB & daughter MB2 stayed in the cosy Amente Narikale hotel in the citys Old Town area. On morning Nr 1, MB got up for an early breakfast (as MB2 snoozed on!) and chose the outdoor courtyard to dine under the clear blue Tbilisi sky. The hotel cat was soon a beneficiary of MBs’ decision, and MB went to the breakfast bar for seconds to ensure he and Mr Cat had a filling start to the day.

On finishing breakfast, camera already in hand (who doesn’t take their camera to breakfast?!), MB escaped onto the Old Town streets, which are narrow, cobbled and bordered by residential and commercial buildings from olden days. Many of the buildings are a little decrepit, on the outside at least. The insides, as MB discovered on entering many cafes and shops in the following days, are very pretty and atmospheric.

Looking to his right just outside the metal exit gate of MB’s hotel, MB noticed that somebody had hung out their bed sheets to dry in the warm September sun. MB had seen many similar scenes in many cities in many countries; an ordinary scene the world over.

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