The Acoustics Hall

MB said in his previous post that he was done posting about his and MB2s’ recent Georgia trip.

But here’s another one!

Haghpat Monastry featured in one of MB’s recent Georgia/Armenia posts. But other than a few awesome MB pics, MB didn’t divulge much about the monastery.

Haghpat was built in approximately mid 10th century, and sits on an elevated location in mountainous northern Armenia, the first country to adopt Christianity as the official religion, and possessor of some of the oldest Christian churches in the world. The monastery setting is stunning, and MB and MB2 wandered around snapping anything snappable, which was almost everything! The monastery was founded by Queen Khosrovanush in or around 976AD, and was for a long time the religious headquarters of the Kyurikians, a local aristocratic family.

Far as MB is aware, the Kyurikanians have absolutely no family connection to the well known TV/Social Media family, the Kardashians.

“Seriously MB?”

“Ya, seriously lads.”


There is a separate building adjacent to the monastry, which tour guide Sophia referred to as the Acoustics Hall. On entering, MB witnessed a very large open hall, maybe a dining hall MB thought, as it reminded MB very much of the dining hall that featured in that infamous episode of Games of Thrones, The Red Wedding. Or perhaps it was a hall for the monks to read in silence and contemplate the mystery of life, the Gods and such like. Or perhaps for the monks to engage in hours of religious chanting in a fit and proper setting. But whatever its original purpose, the acoustics within the hall were truly incredible.

Acoustics Hall on the left. MB2 visible with black top and white shorts!

Guide Sophia (GS), MB, MB2 and a French guy (also on same tour) walked around the hall, taking the usual phone shots and soaking in the age-old atmosphere.

And that is exactly when MB pulled a fast one on Guide Sophia.

“I hear you are an excellent singer”, said MB to GS; MB knowing GS a mere few hours since departing the offices of the Tour Company back in Tbilisi.

A momentary stunned silence from GS; then………

“Who told you that MB?”

“A little bird” replied MB.

“And what’s more” said MB, “MB challenges you to sing a Georgian song in this here Armenian Acoustics Hall.”

For an instant, GS looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. And then a smile broke accross her face, knowing MB had pulled a fast one on her, as she tried to work out how the hell MB knew she could sing!

Anyway, GS was up to the challenge, more than, and happily picked up the gauntlet MB had thrown her.

Herewith, GS response:


Huge thanks to GS and her Gamarjoba Georgia Tours for a great and very memorable trip into northern Armenia.

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