Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Artificial Light

Thanks to Anne-Christine for this weeks Light challenge. Really worth a look, so please do so.

The week just past saw MB & MB2 travel to Georgia & Armenia for a few days fun and adventure. Home for those few days was the Amante Narikala Hotel in the Tbilisi old town area, an area of cobbled streets, artisian shops, great value restaurants and narrow streets. The hotel lies on one of the cities many hills, just underneath the Narikala Fortress which is accessible by cable car from the city centre (as MB & MB2 did) and also by foot, for those who are part Sherpa (as MB & MB2 are!).

One of the reasons MB selected this particular hotel was some shots he saw on Tripadviser, of the rooftop terrace bar with its spectacular views out over the entire Tbilisi vista. At night-time the view of the city lights is a spectacle to behold. And more or less in the centre of the city is the brightest ‘star’ of all, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which MB also featured 2 or 3 posts back, but what the heck!

Voila! MB’s photo challenge entry:

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