In recent times, MB has visited the Acropolis and Pantheon in Athens, Greece, which followers can read HERE. The Pantheon is missing some of its structure and is currently undergoing renovations by the Greek government and UNESCO experts. The fact that the structure is damaged and missing many of its columns is the result of a cannon attack in the year 1687 by the Venetians.

From Venice!

So MB decided that to visit the city where the attackers hailed from all those many years ago to see what might have turned them into marauding invaders. And that’s what MB did in early May this year.

MB went to Venice.

Venice today is a living city of some 270,000 inhabitants and thrives on tourism. It comprises 118 small islands linked by more than 400 bridges and a plethora of canals. There are no streets or cars, generally speaking. So getting around is solely via shanks mare.

But beware dear followers. When walking in the direction of some intended attraction, one can very often find oneself at a dead end, looking at said attraction, but from the opposite side of a canal, with none of the 400 bridges nor a Gondoliere in sight! So one loops back on one’s tracks, and zig-zags one’s way to the desired location by the most convenient ‘available bridge’ route, which may involve traversing three sides of a square to get there. As-the-crow-flies is not a useful rule of travel in Venice!

If followers think that google maps might be a useful tool, forget it! MB did his damnest with the google maps app but due to the narrow passageways and high buildings obstructing the phone signals, MB was very often informed that he was, Jesus-like, walking on water down the middle of some canal, and then not knowing whether to turn left or right at the next bridge!

The city is old and decrepit, with many buildings needing repair in the opinion of MB. MB is unsure what repairs the authorities permit. Maybe it’s a better tourist look if everything looks old and decrepit. Being a UNESCO-listed city obviously results in limits to what property owners can and can not do.

There are many interesting shops to visit as one traverses the narrow alleyways, with lots of handcrafts and local ‘Murano’ glassware and paintings and locally made clothes. And food to die for!

So MB can highly recommend a trip to the former Republic of Venice. A few MB shots follow to transport followers to the city that sent the attackers to Athens all those years ago:

4 Comments on “VENICE

  1. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures and info. We are going in November. Our first time! Thank you 👍👍


  2. Was in Venice circa 1981 (with wife no.1….). Amazing place, but being 2-meter Peter, the birds flying around St Mark’s Square were at head height 😱
    It was an extraordinary place, and not ruined by the many cruise liners, and their 000s of tourists.
    Hope you had a good experience MB

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