Thank God for the Hens of Ireland

It’s high time the hens of Ireland were given due recognition. Yes, indeed. High time.

On a day when Irish ladies (& men) have made news headlines the world over, following yesterday’s 2:1 vote in favour of changing the constitution, MB has decided to thank Ireland’s hens. Real hens. As in feathers, and chuck, chuck, chuck. For without their heroic egg-laying efforts, its possible, nay probable, that the blockade of Qatar by the dastardly neighbours of almost one year back might have succeeded.

MB has written three past posts on the blockade incident to date:

Qatar Blockade 1
Qatar Blockade 2
Qatar Blockade 3

in which he has detailed the early-day blockade trauma of having to consume UHT Goats Milk for breakfast, to the eventual triumph of buying the footballer Neymar (yes, Neymar!). The NY Times and other international media outlets swarmed around MB as bees around honey, quoted MB’s Blog at length in those heady early days of the crisis, as nobody had the foggiest clue what the hell was going on. Except for MB.

And for one long year, Qatar has put up with the neighbour’s petulance, tantrums, nappy-wetting and throwing-the-dummy-from-the-cot nonsense. But no more dear followers. Yesterday the (dashing) Emir of Qatar and his cohorts issued a decree – no more food products from the blockading countries will be allowed on the shelves of the Qatari supermarkets. Hurray! Today the directive has come into effect and MB can vouch for the fact that all such products are already consigned to the Qatari trash bins, as he personally witnessed in a large Doha supermarket tonight.

It is safe to say that two major factors have allowed to Emire to crack the whip as he has:

Nr 1 – Qatar has become self-sufficient in dairy products. A local food company had the bright idea of importing thousands of dairy cows from Europe and elsewhere following the blockade, appoint an Irish manager (yes, truly) and the rest is history. Qatari-produced milk and yoghurts are now on the Supermarket shelves, at a fraction of the cost on the imported stuff.

Nr 2 – The Irish hen. Right there on the supermarket shelves, right beside all the Qatari dairy products, sit rows and rows of Irish eggs, produced by heroine Irish hens. Walk into any restaurant in Doha and call for your scrambled, boiled, poached, sunny-side-up, over easy, Benedict or whatever, and utter a silent prayer in thanks to the little red hen back in Ireland, laying away to her heart’s content to support Qatar in her hour of need.

All hail the Irish hen.
Shots from MB’s shopping trip tonight:


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