Qatar Blockade – Update

Way back mid-June, MB published one of the most succinct, informative and entertaining reports on the Qatar/Gulf crisis seen in world media. Peers gasped for breath. And HX followers were quick to point out that MB’s deadly account of the entire episode, and his ‘so quick out of the starting blocks’ approach, left those with far higher budgets trailing in MB’s Speedy Gonzales wake. In that now-famous post, MB threw out the possibility of an invasion of feathery chickens from Saudi Arabia, which would have instantly solved the dearth of fresh chicken and eggs in the Doha shops in those hungry early days; the first time in recorded literary history that the concept of a ‘chicken invasion’ had been mooted. Hats off to MB.

In any event, the chicken invasion did not come to pass (more’s the pity says you). Life, after a few days, ambled back to the way it always was. Qataris returned to driving their Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Range Rover Vogues around their sand-blown highways, with as little interest in their dastardly Gulf-blockading neighbours as they would have in a Nissan, Ford or Toyota. Zero. Let the good times continue to roll, let us enjoy our highest incomes in the world, and, generally speaking, screw the dastardly Gulf neighbours.

But grateful Qataris will readily acknowledge that normality was restored with no little help from the friends. Friends such as Turkey, Lebanon, Ireland and others jumped in when the shout of ‘aidez-moi’ rang out. Yes lads, Ireland also jumped into the Qatar ring, but in all probability, as a direct result of the MB blog post calling for a dig-out on the chicken and egg conundrum. MB was totally bowled over last week to see hundreds, nay thousands, of free range Irish eggs for sale in his local Lulu supermarket in downtown Doha. All the way from County Monaghan. The power of MB (& St Patrick!).

And what of local feelings and the state of the Qatar nation generally MB?

Well lads, if you happen to venture over to Qatar anytime soon, you will be forgiven for thinking that the entire population has turned into rabid fanatical fans of the Galway hurling team and that Joe Canning has suddenly sprouted a moustache. But you would be wrong on both counts. The maroon and white Qatari national flags are draped over everything drapable; and pictures of the dashing Emir – HRH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Thani, are covering every car, building and more. Large photos of HRH Sheikh Tamim adorn many shopping malls and public buildings, with free-gratis pens available for all to declare support & love for the nation and the Emir.

Allah u Akbar indeed.

Butter & cheese from TurkeyIMAG0118 (1)

The Turkish word for milk is ‘Sut’ (ongoing linguistic education from MB).IMAG0014

Eggs from County Monaghan, IrelandIMAG011620170714_105622

UHT goats milk featured in MB’s previous post on the crisis, as it was one of the only milk brands available for a number of days following the blockade. It seems to have caught on big time, following the enforced usage, with sales figures going through the roof. Who would have thought that the Gulf crisis would have raised the profile of the humble goat so high?IMAG0114

The dashing Emir, HRH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamed Al Thani adorns a major traffic junction.IMAG0111

Picture of the Emir at a local Shopping Mall, where shoppers can write their loveIMAG0102

Guess which shopper wrote his love?!!!IMAG0103

More Emir murals from the streets:IMAG0088IMAG0080IMAG0079IMAG0077IMAG0076IMAG0074IMAG0073IMAG0017IMAG0112IMAG0056IMAG0090


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