Weekly Photo Challenge – All-time Favourites

All-time Favourite.

For the non-bloggers amongst MB’s many legions of followers who will not be aware, this is the last Weekly Photo Challenge set by the blog website, as they reorganise and move in a different direction. The king is dead, long live the king; and all that.

MB has made many online friends through this weekly challenge over years past and thanks all for the comments, interactions and general banter which he has enjoyed immensely. MB is grateful for the forbearance shown, noting that all followers, to a man & woman, have not much minding that MB is just generally spoofing and telling tall tales under the guise of showing his photos. Much much appreciated.

But regardless of what the website may do, MB will continue to churn out a weekly photo challenge of his own to keep the punters happy. Hopefully, other bloggers will follow suit and the world will keep on spinning. A big thanks also to all the WordPress staff for their efforts week in-week out in setting the challenges. Muchos gracias from (multi-lingual!) MB.

And so to this weeks challenge……..

A number of months ago, MB actually revealed to a friend what his all-time favourite photo is. It’s a photo of MB2, daughter of MB, aged 9.

MB is back home on a break from the Middle East and hides out of sight, while MB2 & friends tennis lesson is ongoing. As the lesson is finishing, MB puts his lens close to the fence, just as MB2 catches sight of her dad. She holds the net with her hand and smiles and gazes, as friends wander off. A father-daughter moment that MB will forever cherish, and thankfully one he managed to capture. Of MBs many thousands of photos, this one is, head and shoulders, above all others, his all-time forever favourite.




7 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – All-time Favourites

  1. I will miss your challenge posts! But I hope you’ll keep posting your marvelous photos and tales (tall or not) just the same.


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