John Carew – HX Poet & Storyteller

MB has oft mentioned Lough Gur lake in posts of his HX homeland. He has told you a little of the mystique of the lake, and the fact that one of the adjoining hills (called Knockadoon) is home to one of the four Irish entrances to the Land of Everlasting Youth, called ‘Tír Na Nóg’ in the Irish Gaelic. The entrance, as MB has also previously informed you, is secret and is known only to certain ‘Guardians’ (such as MB). It is also heavily guarded by the fairies, and it is no easy task to get past them. Beware of HX fairies dear followers.

John Carew is a friend on MB who lives on the shores of Lough Gur; HX/Lough Gur born and bred. He has produced a book of pretty decent poetry in recent times and has just added two videos on Youtube to publicise his storytelling services. He has regular gigs at various pubs and hotels in the Limerick region, SW Ireland. And he is always looking to expand his patch – on home or foreign shores.

In the below link, JC tells the tale of another famous HX/Lough Gur resident, one Gearóid Iarla (The Earl Gerard), the 3rd Earl of Desmond, who resides below the lake waters of Lough Gur.  Yes, below, not above! The HX fairies also get a decent mention!

Good luck with the poems, the stories and the tall tales JC. MB trusts you will offer a healthy HX discount to HX blog followers who may want to procure your silver-tongued services. And a bad fairy curse be upon your head if you don’t!

FYI – ‘Seanchí’ is Gaelic for ‘Storyteller’.

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