Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Mary Howard’s Pub)

Mary Howard’s Pub, Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland.

Met Mary at home few weeks ago. She informed MB that she had seen the pic of her pub posted by MB last Christmas. She proudly informed him that she had engaged a colour consultant to chose the colours for the external refurb, prior to arrival of Caroline Kennedy (daughter of JFK) to the village few weeks back in late June (see previous blog posts relating to CK visit).

Anyway, Mary challenged MB to post a ‘Before’ & ‘After’ pic when he got the chance. And when MB saw today’s ‘Photo Challenge’ the conversation with Mary immediately came to mind.

If you are ever around South West Ireland MB strongly urges you to take a trip to Bruff to say hello to Mary who will be serving you behind the bar. According to local Guinness drinkers you are assured of the finest pint of the black stuff on the entire island of Ireland.

Congrats Mary – you have indeed produced a masterpiece!




The lady herself – Mary Howard

3 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece (Mary Howard’s Pub)

  1. Just found the story:

    I assume the US ‘Prism’ programme is picking up the HX Report from various follower’s emails, and Obama is then making his decisions accordingly. Don’t you think?


  2. Howdy Mike, I don’t know if you have heard but Pres. Obama has picked Caroline Kennedy U.S. ambassador to Japan recently. I enjoy your blog, keep it coming. Thanks-Tim



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